Taco Crunchwrap

Taco Crunchwrap
Taco Crunchwrap

Homemade Taco Bell style Crunchwraps! 12-inch Tortilla stuffed with Taco Seasoned Ground Beef, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Tostada, Sour Cream, Lettuce & Diced Tomatoes. Folded 6 times and pan-fried over medium heat for a few seconds on each side.

Taco Bell Beef Crunchwrap Supreme Ingredients

12″ Flour Tortilla: Flour Tortilla: Bleached enriched flour, water, vegetable oil shortening (may contain soybean and/or cottonseed oils), baking powder, sea salt, mono and diglycerides, fumaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, dough conditioner (flour, calcium sulphate, sorbic acid), potassium sorbate, calcium propionate, sodium metabisulphite. Contains: Sulphites, Wheat. [certified vegan]

Diced Tomatoes: Fresh tomatoes. [certified vegan]

Nacho Cheese Sauce: Water, canola oil, modified corn starch, maltodextrin, nonfat dry milk, soybean oil, whey, flavours, sea salt, jalapeno pepper puree (jalapeno peppers, white vinegar, salt, flavour), white vinegar, potassium citrate, dipotassium phosphate, yeast extract, lactic acid, whole oat flour, sugars (corn syrup solids), paprika extractives, beta carotene. Contains: Milk. [certified vegetarian]

Reduced-Fat Sour Cream: Milk ingredients, cream, modified corn starch, maltodextrin, cellulose gel, disodium phosphate, modified tapioca starch, citrus fibre, locust bean gum, xanthan gum, lactic acid, citric acid, potassium sorbate, artificial flavour. Contains: Milk.[certified vegetarian]

Seasoned Beef: Beef, water, seasoning (oat fibre, chilli pepper, maltodextrin, salt, oats, soya lecithin, spices, tomato powder, sugar, onion powder, autolyzed yeast extract, citric acid, natural flavours, torula yeast, disodium inosinate and guanylate, dextrose, lactic acid, natural smoke flavour, modified cornstarch), salt, sodium phosphate. Contains: Wheat, Soy.

Shredded Lettuce: Fresh iceberg lettuce [certified vegan]

Tostada Shell: Ground corn, vegetable oil (soybean, corn, sunflower, and/or cottonseed oil). [certified vegan]

Taco Crunchwrap or the Taco Bell Beef Crunchwrap Supreme is described as :

A warm, soft flour tortilla filled with a crunchy tostada shell, seasoned ground beef, and warm nacho cheese sauce on one side with cool reduced-fat sour cream, crisp shredded lettuce, and diced ripe tomatoes on the other.


Use a 12-inch Flour Tortilla. These can be a bit hard to find. In which case, you can make homemade 12-inch flour tortillas or use 10-inch flour tortillas. With 10 inch tortillas, you won’t get a complete seal, due to the smaller size. This can be remedied by tearing another tortilla into 4 equal sections and using each one on top before folding the Crunch wrap to get a complete seal and creating the classic hexagon shape.

Brown the Tortillas a bit in a skillet, a few seconds on each side until toasted. Then set the Tortillas aside on a plate or waxed paper until ready to assemble.

Taco Seasoned Ground Beef

Check out the Taco Meat Recipe to make the Taco Seasoned Ground Beef. This taco meat is made with that same texture you get at Taco Bell. About 60 g – 90 g or 1/4 C go into each one. Flattened out in the center of the Tortilla. If you add more, it will be difficult to get a good seal.

Taco Meat
Taco Meat

Nacho Cheese

Use store-bought Nacho Cheese or exchange the seasoning with a bit of Taco Seasoning (1 tsp or more) to the Cheese Whiz Sauce for homemade Nacho Cheese. Use about 1-2 Tbl of Nacho Cheese Sauce for each Taco Crunchwrap.

You can also exchange this with a Three Cheese Blend sprinkled over top or in combination with.

Cheese Whiz Sauce
Cheese Whiz Sauce


Tostadas are used not only to add extra crunch but as a guideline on where the Taco Crunchwrap needs to be wrapped. It also assists in holding the Taco Crunchwrap together so that it doesn’t flop everywhere.

I did try this with Doritos, which didn’t really work out. They went soft and couldn’t really tell they were there. Tostadas will retain most of the crunch and assist in holding the shape together much better.


Sour Cream

About 1 – 2 Tbl of Sour Cream is used directly on the Tostadas before the Lettuce & Tomatoes go on.


Just a small amount of chopped Lettuce washed well in cold water, then strained.


A small amount of diced tomatoes washed well in cold water and strained.

Taco Crunchwrap Assembly

The Hot ingredients go in first and are separated by the Tostadas from the Cold topping that goes on top.

Taco Crunch Supreme Beef

Step 1

60 g – 90 g Taco Seasoned Ground Beef in the middle of a 10-inch – 12-inch tortilla.

Taco Crunch Supreme Cheese

Step 2

1-2 Tbl Nacho Cheese Sauce

Taco Crunch Supreme Tostadas

Step 3

Tostada centered and wiggled in to flatten everything out.

Taco Crunch Supreme Sour Cream

Step 4

1-2 Tbl Sour Cream spread about.

Taco Crunch Supreme VegetablesTaco Crunch Supreme Vegetables

Step 5

A small handful of chopped Lettuce & Diced Tomatoes before folding 6 times to create a hexagon shape.

How to Fold the Taco Crunchwrap Supreme

The Taco Crunch Supreme is folded 6 times for the classic hexagon shape. You have to ensure you don’t have too much filling. If you do, you won’t get a complete seal after folding.

It can be a bit tricky folding these. Although the Tostadas in the center does help. For some reason, I always end up folding these 7 times. I’m not all too concerned with it, as long as it gets folded. But I did want to know the correct way to fold it and came across this training video on YouTube which shows how to fold the Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme.

How to grill the Taco Crunchwrap Supreme

Heat a skillet up over medium heat for about 2–3 minutes. Then Place the Crunchwrap seam side down to cook for about 25–30 seconds. Flip it over and grill the other side. If when flipping it over the seam side does not hold, flip it back over for another few seconds until it does.

Careful not to brown it too much, if the pan is too hot, remove it from the heat for a bit.

Taco Crunch Supreme Sealed Side up
Taco Crunch Supreme Sealed Side up
Grilled Taco Crunch Supreme
Grilled Taco Crunch Supreme

See what I mean with the shape, I can’t help it, for some reason I am always folding these 7 times. As long as you get it sealed, it’s all good. You can also use this technique for a wide variety of Fillings, Sauces, and Cheese.

Taco Crunch Supreme Halves
Taco Crunch Supreme Halves
Taco Crunchwrap Pin

Taco Crunch Supreme

12-inch Tortilla stuffed with Taco Seasoned Ground Beef, Nacho Cheese Sauce, Tostada, Sour Cream, Lettuce & Diced Tomatoes. Folded 6 times and pan-fried over medium heat for a few seconds on each side.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Servings: 6 Portions


  • 1 Skillet


  • 1 lb Taco Seasoned Ground Beef
  • 6 12 inch Tortillas - Can use 10 inch, Homemade or store-bought
  • 6 Tostadas
  • 1 – 2 Tbl Nacho Cheese - per portion. See Notes
  • 1 – 2 Tbl Sour Cream - per portion
  • small handful Lettuce - Chopped
  • small handful Tomatoes - Diced


  • Pan Fry the Tortillas for a few seconds on each side until heated through and lightly browned. Lay the tortilla out on a plate or waxed paper for assembly.
  • Prepare the Taco Seasoned Ground Beef & the Nacho Cheese Sauce if making it from the Cheese Whiz Sauce, else place Nacho Cheese into a small pot on the burner at the lowest setting to keep it warm.
  • While the Taco Seasoned Ground Beef is cooking, Chop the Lettuce & Dice the Tomatoes. Wash and Rinse well.
  • Assemble the Taco Crunchwrap as follows.
    12" Tortillas
    About 1/4 C of Taco Seasoned Ground Beef (60 g – 90 g)
    1-2 Tbl Nacho Cheese Sauce
    1 Tostadas
    1-2 Tbl Sour Cream
    A small handful of Lettuce & Tomatoes
  • Fold into the classic hexagon shape and fry in the skillet over medium heat, sealed side down first for about 25 – 30 seconds. Flip and brown the other side.


Use Store bought Nacho Cheese or use the Cheese Whiz Sauce Flavored with Taco Seasoning to taste.
Course: Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine: American, Canadian
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Author: JAH
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