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JFC Chicken Fingers

JFC Chicken Fingers

Chicken Tenders marinated & breaded Popeyes Style with JFC Breading and deep-fried for some wicked good JFC Chicken Fingers. This is my preferred way to make Chicken Fingers with some crunch. Served up with some Fries and Dipping sauce or placed into a Tortilla/Pita Bread for a Snack Wrap.

Made fresh and ready to go, or Deep Fry and freeze to reheat later for chicken strips on demand.

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders are the smaller tenderloin strips underneath the Chicken Breast and are the perfect size for Chicken fingers. It pulls away from the rest of the breast easily.

The whole breast can be used just as well as Chicken Fingers, and most people do. But there is a clear distinction between Chicken Tenders & Chicken Fingers, made with the entire breast meat. Although the term is used interchangeably.

Chicken Breast

Remove the Tenderloin underneath the breast and slice the Chicken breast about the same size as a tenderloin piece across the grain. You should get about 5–6 Strips from one breast, plus the tenderloin.

JFC Chicken Finger Marinade

Use the Popeyes Style marinade for the Chicken Tenders. With a marination time of at least 1 hour.

For Chicken Fingers, we can get away with less marinade time because there is no skin that is acting as a barrier. The long marination time of 12 hours is for the purpose of breaking the skin down and saturating the much larger pieces of chicken.

The Chicken Fingers will go straight to JFC breading after the marination time.

Breading Procedure

Once the Chicken Fingers have marinated for at least 1 hour (longer is better), move them straight from here to be breaded with JFC Frickin Good Chicken Breading.

Toss them around about 20 times before shaking off any excess breading and deep-frying.

Don’t press the breading in. This will flatten out the breading and not allow for those crevices to form that are associated with Popeyes Chicken. Shake them pretty aggressively too, this helps further create those kernels.

Cooking JFC Chicken Fingers

The Chicken tenders are relatively thin, so these cook up in about 7 minutes at 350 F.

Lift them from the oil and allow them to dry for a few seconds. Then move them to a plate with a paper towel or a rack and allow them to rest before serving.

JFC Chicken Tenders
JFC Chicken Tenders

Serving Chicken Fingers

These Chicken Strips are good all by themselves. Serve them with various dipping sauces and a side of Homemade Fries or store bought.

Baked Potato Fries
Baked Potato Fries

These can also be served alongside a wing night platter or inside a tortilla wrap for various wraps such as the Sweet Thai Chicken Wrap or as a Snack Wrap with Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Mayo (with a splash of lemon juice and black pepper) on a Tortilla. Add Onions, Pickles, Bacon, and/or Cheese.

Sweet Thai Chicken Wrap
Sweet Thai Chicken Wrap
JFC Snack Wrap
JFC Snack Wrap
JFC Chicken Fingers

JFC Chicken Fingers

Chicken Breast Sliced into the desired size, marinated & breaded Popeyes style.
Servings: 4 portions
Prep10 minutes
Cook 7 minutes
per batch7 minutes


  • 1 Deep Fryer
  • 2 Bowls for Marinating and Breading



  • Prepare Popeyes Style marinade. Slice the Chicken Breast into desired thickness across the grain to create the Chicken Strips about the same size as Chicken Tenders.
  • Add the Chicken to the marinade and toss well. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Remove from the fridge 30 minutes before deep frying and heat the deep fryer up to 350 F.
  • Bread the Chicken Strips straight from the marinade, tossing it around about 20 times, before aggressively shaking any excess flour off and repeat for each Chicken Strip to make up one batch. Deep Fry for 7 minutes at 350 F. Repeat for remaining chicken strips.


You can also make these in big batches and freeze them to reheat at a later time.
Course: Lunch, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: Canadian
Keywords: Chicken Fingers, Chicken Tenders, JFC Chicken Fingers, JFC Chicken Strips, Popeyes Style Chicken Fingers
Author: JAH

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