Sloppy Fries

Sloppy Fries
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Sloppy Fries or a Type of Poutine, is Deep Fried French Fries, Cubed Potatoes or Wedges with Sloppys Meat & Sauce Slopped on top and covered with Cheese. It’s one of the dishes to Enjoy Sloppys with, which is a meat mixture just like Sloppy Joes except with JAH Flavors.


You can do this with Regular fries. Just Deep Fry them until done.

One of my Favorite ways is Baked Potatoes, Cubed and then Brined for 1 1/2 Hours before being Deep Fried. This is the same technique I use for Homemade Fries if you want to check it out. Instead of cutting them into Fries. I cut them into Cubes or Wedges, Brine and then Deep Fry. However Store Bought Fries or Taters will suffice here as well, which saves a lot of time as well. Since the Homemade Fries takes about 2 1/2 hours to get ready for deep frying. But they are really good.

The Key with Good Fries is to cook a few minutes past where there is no longer any steam coming from the fries. This ensures crispy fries with a good interior and prevents soggy fries.

Make sure to Season the Fries as soon as they come out. With Homemade Fries you won;t have to because the Seasoning was already in the Brine and absorbed by the Potatoes.


Sloppys is a customized Seasoning Blend that I created which is like Sloppy Joe’s Meat & Sauce Mix. It is used for numerous recipes including here for Sloppy Fries. I hope to have the seasoning available at some point in the future. For now just regular Sloppy Joe’s like the canned Manwhich by Hunt’s will do perfectly fine.

Once the Fries are done. The Sloppy Meat mixture is slopped on top and then covered in cheese. Use any Cheese you’d like. I use Marbled Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese.

Sloppy Fries

It’s a pretty simple dish and yet really good. Just make the Sloppys Mixture and Deep Fry some French Fries. Slop on the Sloppys Meat & Sauce Mixture and Sprinkle on some Cheese. The residual heat will melt the cheese. You can place some cheese on the potatoes and then top with sauce and more cheese if desired.

Even switch the Fries up with Taters, Wedges, Hash Browns or any other Deep Fried Potatoes. You can do this with Roasted or Broiled Potatoes as well or just Oven Bake the Fries. Either way it’s always good.

Usually I have some left overs which I use for Sloppy Dogs. or I reserve some – Just enough for the Doggies. This way I get a meal and a snack for later.

Sloppy Fries

Sloppy Fries or Poutine. Deep Fried French Fries, Cubed Potatoes, Wedges or Taters with a Seasoned Meat and Tomato based Sauce mixture on top and covered in Cheese.
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes
Servings: 4 portions


  • French Fries
  • Prepared Sloppys Meat & Sauce mix - | or use Hunt's Manwich
  • Shredded Marble Cheese


  • Deep Fry the French Fries at 350 F – 375 F until most of the steam is gone or has lessened significantly. Then Lift them up out of the Oil to allow the Oil to return to Temp.
    Deep Fry a second time until there is no more steam evaporating. Lift the Fries out of the Oil to allow it to come back to temp.
    Deep fry a third time but only for about 30 seconds. Season and Plate the Fries.
  • Prepare and Cook Sloppys Meat mixture and Serve over the Fries and top with Cheese.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keywords: Carnitas Poutine, Sloppy Fries
Author: JAH
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