Deep Fry Batter

Deep Fry Batter
Deep Fry Batter

This is absolutely the Best Deep Fry Batter that I created specifically designed for Superior Crunch. This is my standard recipe for Chicken/Pork Balls, Onion Rings, and Fish with Additional Seasonings.

I was so Excited and Pleased when I figured this out. Once you try this, I think you will be amazed too. It’s just that good.

What’s the Secret Ingredient

This Batter makes it presence known with that Crunch.

No Batter contains Fat and this I believe is extremely important for a superior crunch like no other. It will stay crunchy too for a very long time.

The real trick to the Best Deep Fry Batter is Lard. This in conjunction with Leaveners and Cornstarch creates the Deep Fry Batter that is unmatched.


The Crunch is made manifest by the secret ingredient – Poly Flour which contains the Lard and Leavener. The Lard cooks the Batter internally as well as the Hot Oil Crisping the outside.

The Food must be a dried food or else no matter how crispy you get it. The Hot food will steam the liquid it contains into the batter always causing the batter to lose its crunch.

This is why for Deep Fried Fish. I ensure that the Fish is dry not only for this reason but to help the batter stick as well.

For things like Chicken/Pork Balls that contain very minimal amounts of water. The Batter will maintain its crunch. Even holding up to the sauce it is in fairly well. Other food Items where the Crunch Stays are Onion Rings & Tempura Style Vegetables.

Deep Fry Batter Flour Mix

The Flour Mix Consist of JAH Poly Flour & Cornstarch with Liquid. It’s that simple. Mix together the Batter and refrigerated to cool and thicken.

The Poly Flour offers the Lard in the Mix along with some Salt, Sugar & Leavener that when combined with Cornstarch it offers a well-seasoned batter with Superior Crunch.

It’s a Thick batter so if you need it thinner, no problem just add more liquid.

Deep Fry Batter Tempura Style

For Tempura Style Batter just thin out the Batter mix with extra Liquid. Optionally add 1 Tbl of Acid in the form of Rice Vinegar, Vinegar, or Lemon Juice.

Deep Fry Batter
Deep Fry Batter

Deep Fry Batter

Wonderful Deep Fry Batter base with some Serious Crunch! Add seasoning to it to add extra Flavor. Use for Deep Fried Fish, Chicken Balls, Onion Rings, Tempura Style Vegetables and more.
Prep Time5 mins
Course: Ingredient
Cuisine: Canadian
Keyword: Deep Fry Batter, Deep Fry Batter Dry Mix
Servings: 1 batch
Author: JAH



  • Combine the Ingredients together except the liquid and Mix well.
  • Add Liquid and Mix well.
  • Refrigerate for 10 minutes or more before using. Adjust consistency by adding more liquid or equal amounts of Cornstarch and Poly Flour.