Popeyes Style Chicken

Popeyes Style Chicken
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This is my interpretation of Popeyes Style Chicken using JFC Frickin Good Chicken Breading. It’s really all about the technique to achieve Texture, Appearance, and Crunch!

I’ve been working on this for quite a while and while I had the basic concept down. It took some tweaking to get it just right.

The color I am not too concerned about since Popeyes uses a combination of Dyes to affect the final product. For me, it’s about the technique involved to get that Texture, Appearance, and Crunch. The taste is already there for me through the use of JFC Breading.

I won’t get into the Marinade here because that is discussed in my post Popeyes Style Marinade. This is the same marinade we use to make Popeyes Style Fried Chicken in the recipe below.

The seasoning I don’t go into because for me it is all there in the JFC Breading. Although in the Popeyes Style Marinade Post, it talks about the seasoning and lists popeyes ingredients, if you wanted to gear towards Popeyes Flavors.

Popeyes technique

The technique I believe originates with Colonel Sanders himself. Seasoned flour is added to the marinade. Before coating the food item with a seasoned Flour. In this case Chicken.

It is the thickness of the marinade that once it comes into contact with the Seasoned flour, folds in on itself creating those crevices or kernels. But before that, the chicken is left in the marinade for 12 hours.

This I believe is the other trick. Their marinade contains baking soda, which in itself is a meat tenderizer. The long marination is in effect first breaking the proteins or tenderizing the chicken and secondly saturating the chicken for optimal flavor.

Popeyes Marinade
Popeyes Marinade

How to Bread Chicken like Popeyes

When transferring the chicken from the marinade gently toss the chicken around to get evenly coated in the flour mix, about 20 times. Then aggressively shake the Chicken to get rid of any excess flour and make the kernels pop.

For this style of chicken, you do not want to press the breading into the chicken. This will flatten out the crevices that are created by the wet marinade getting coated in the dry flour.

You can bread the Chicken and then set them aside. But I find this flattens the side that is in contact with the surface. You get much better results if you bread the chicken and then immediately go to the deep fryer. Although not a big deal.

Popeyes breading is seasoned with Louisiana Seasoning both in the marinade and in the breading. With a bit of Louisiana Hot Sauce in the Marinade.

Deep Frying Popeyes Chicken

Popeyes cooks their chicken at 340 F for 12 minutes.

The Chicken is deep-fried in beef tallow or a mixture of beef tallow and soybean oil. Some state that in Louisiana they deep fry in lard or shortening.

JAH Popeyes Style Chicken

Use JAH Popeyes Style marinade for the Chicken and JFC Breading for the Seasoned Flour. These two together create a Popeyes version of Fried Chicken with the Kernels & Crunch.

Everything else is the same. The Chicken gets marinated for 12 hours, you can get away with less time, but overnight is more ideal. Then the Chicken is breaded with JFC Breading before being deep-fried at 325 F for 15 – 18 minutes.

Because this chicken is marinated and then coated in JFC Breading. It does use up more breading per piece of chicken.

JFC Popeyes Style
JFC Popeyes Style

Popeyes Style Chicken

8 Piece Crispy Deep Fried Chicken done Popeyes Style with JFC Frickin Good Chicken Breading.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time35 mins
Marinate12 hrs
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Frickin Good Chicken, Fried Chicken, JFC, JFC Popeye’s Style, Popeye’s Style Chicken
Servings: 8 Piece
Author: JAH


  • Deep Fryer



  • Combine the marinade ingredients and refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  • Prep, Clean and wash the Chicken. Add the Chicken to the marinade, cover and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours, 12 hours or overnight is best.
  • Remove the Chicken and Marinade from the fridge to rest out at room temp for 30 minutes or more. Turn the Deep Fryer and heat to 325 F.
  • Pick up the chicken and bread in JFC Breading, tossing 20 times. Shake the excess breading off agressively and go directly to the Deep Fryer.
  • Deep Fry for 15 – 18 minutes. Repeat for remaining Chicken. Allow the Chicken to rest and cool.