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Mango Milk
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Mango Milk in all of its simplicity is a fantastic creamy refreshing drink. Consisting only of Mango Juice & Milk. Mixed in equal amounts or at ratios that you prefer.

This can easily convert to a Mango Milkshake as well. Just add Vanilla Ice Cream and some Ice Cubes. Blend in the blender until everything is nice and smooth for a Nice Cold Mango Milkshake. Serve it in a frozen glass for an added touch.

Different Mango Milk Methods

Mango Juice

This is the option we use most frequently and easiest. Just pour mango juice in a glass to the desired amount and fill the rest with Milk or Coconut milk. You can also get Mango Juice mixed with other juices this way.

Mango Juice

Mango Juice

Del Monte, 680 ml of Mango Juice.

Whole Mangoes

Slice the mango in half around the seed. Slice cubes into the flesh and scoop into a blender. Add some Milk or Coconut Milk and blend. For a smoother no pulp drink run the juice through a mesh.

Frozen Mangoes

Frozen Mangoes all ready to go and you can have them at any time without worrying about your mangoes or Juice going bad. Simply throw in the blender with some milk and blend. Run through a sieve if you want a smoother drink with no pulp.


Use Regular Whole Milk or even half 10 % cream & Water for a creamier version of Mango Milk. Coconut Milk can also be used.

I’ve heard of swapping the milk with Soy Milk or Almond Milk as well but never tried.

Mango Milk Tall Glass

Creamy Mango Milk

Made with 1/2 C 10 % Cream & 1/2 C Water to 1 Cup of Mango Juice.

Mango Milk Variations

Sometimes we get the Mango juice mixed with Grape Juice or other juices for slightly different takes on the Drink.

You can also add Cardamon or Yogurt with or without added Sugar or Honey for different variations.

Either way, you choose. This is a very nice drink to have once in a while.

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Mango Milk

Delicious Creamy Drink of Milk & Mango.
Prep Time5 minutes
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Drink, Drink Recipes, Mango and Milk, Mango Milk
Servings: 2 portions
Author: JAH


  • 50% Whole Milk
  • 50% Mango Juice


  • Mix in equal or preferred amount and serve. Optionally with some ice cubes.
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