Donair Dumplings

Donair Dumplings
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Donair Dumplings, Pan-fried & Steamed or Deep Fried. These Spicy Little Nugget Appetizers are Absolutely Fantastic and that wonderful orange juice that seeps out, just too good.

This recipe uses a JAH Product, Halifax Donair Spice that is available at our Online Shop.

Dumpling Wrappers

Use store-bought 3-inch dumpling wrappers or check out my post on Dumpling Wrappers. The ingredients are really simple and listed below.

  • 4 Cups Flour
  • 1.5 Cups Hot Water
  • 1 tsp Sea Salt

Run the dough through a Pasta Roller to the desired thickness (around setting 4) and stamp out 3-inch circles for Dumpling Wrappers.

Dumpling Wrappers
Dumpling Wrappers

Donair Filling

Ground Beef seasoned with JAH Donair Spice for Halifax Donair Meat Filling. Use 1 Tbl of filling for each dumpling. Just mix the ingredients together and stuff the wrappers.

Use a 3-inch Dumpling Press to make these up fairly quickly or just fold and crimp them. Press down on the base so that the dumplings can stand up. This is the side that will be in contact with the skillet for browning.

How to Cook Donair Dumplings

Skillet Donair Dumplings

Cooked up the same way as Gyoza Dumplings.

Place about 2 Tbl of Neutral Oil in a large skillet and heat up over medium heat for about 3 minutes. Place the dumplings in and cook for 3 minutes. Add 1/4 C of water and immediately cover to cook for another 3 minutes. Transfer to a plate to cool.

Donair Dumplings
Donair Dumplings

Deep Fried Donair Dumplings

Deep Fry at 350 F for about 5 minutes or until Golden Brown and Crispy. Shake the basket and allow excess grease to drip off before transferring to a plate to cool.

Deep Fried Donair Dumplings
Deep Fried Donair Dumplings

Dipping Sauces

Halifax Donair Sauce

Donair Sauce

Halifax Style Donair Sauce is the go-to dipping sauce for Donair Dumplings.

Red Greek Sauce

Red Greek Sauce

Switch it up with a Zesty Sauce to dip your Halifax Donair Dumplings in.

Papa Johns Garlic Sauce

Garlic Sauce

Want a Strong Hit of Garlic & Butter. Dip the Donair Dumplings in Papa Johns Style Garlic Sauce.

Donair Dumpling Pin
Donair Dumpling Pin

Donair Dumplings

Halifax Donair Seasoned Ground Beef Wrapped in Dumpling Dough, Pan-Fried & Steamed or Deep Fried to serve with Dipping Sauce. Yields about 26 – 28 dumplings.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Course: Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack
Cuisine: Canadian, Maritimer
Keyword: Donair Dumplings, Donair Gyoza, Donair Pierogies, Donair Potstickers
Servings: 26 Dumplings
Author: JAH


  • Skillet with Lid or Deep Fryer


  • 1 portion Dumpling Wrappers
  • 1 lb Ground Beef
  • 1 Tbl Cold Water
  • 3 Tbl JAH Donair Spice
  • 2 Tbl Neutral Oil – For Frying, more if needed
  • 1/4 C Water – For Steaming


  • With the Dumpling Wrappers already made and set aside. Mix the Ground Beef, Cold Water, and Donair Spice together very well and make the Dumplings.
  • Heat a large skillet or griddle pan with a lid on medium heat for about 2 – 3 minutes with 2 Tbl frying oil.
  • Place the dumplings in with space between them. Cook for 3 minutes.
  • Add 1/4 C of water and immediately place the cover on. Cook for another 3 minutes. Remove the dumplings to cool and repeat for the remaining dumplings.

Deep Fry

  • Deep Fry at 350 F for about 5 minutes or until Golden and Crisp. Shake and let drain excess grease before transferring to a plate to cool.


These can also be made up and frozen to cook at a later time. Place them on a baking sheet to freeze. Once frozen place them all into a large Ziploc bag and keep frozen.