Italian Sausage Uses

Italian Sausage Uses
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Italian Sausage is a must-have. It is well versatile and adds that something extra to things like Pasta Sauce or used as Meatballs. Even by itself with complementary sides, as in Sauerkraut & Baked Beans. Whether you buy the Italian Sausages or make Homemade Italian Sausages, there are just so many uses for them.

Italian Sausages can be cooked whole or the casing removed. Portioned and shaped into Meatballs, Kebabs, Patties or cooked ground the same as ground beef to include in various recipes.

So, on your next grocery trip. Don’t forget the Italian Sausages. Better yet, make Homemade Italian Sausages. There are just too many things you can make with this.

These are some of the recipes using Italian Sausages right here on JAHZKITCHEN.

Italian Sausage Ovensub

Garlic Buttered Italian Buns with Passata Pizza Sauce and a Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese blend. Oven baked until Soft & Crispy.

Meatball Oven Subs

Italian Meatball Ovensub

Italian Bread with a V cut to nestle the Meatballs in brushed with Garlic Butter, stuffed with Italian Sausage Meatballs and Passata Pizza Sauce ladle over top. Finished with a Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese blend and some Parmigiano Reggiano on top.

Saube with Italian Sausage

Sausage Sauerkraut & Beans

Baked Italian Sausage & Beans with a side of Homemade Sauerkraut.

Soured Cabbage Rolls

Soured Cabbage Rolls

Instead of the Meat mixture Italian Sausages can be used. Either with the casing removed and shaped into 45 g or the entire Sausage cooked and then used.

Cabasta Plate


Use cooked and sliced Italian Sausage or Italian Sausage Meatballs to add to the Cabasta.

Meatball Side Platter with Garlic Butter Pasta

Meatball Side Platter with Garlic Butter Pasta and Meatballs placed on Sour Cream or Béchamel sauce and Pasta sauce ladled over top.

Creamy Spaghetti and Meatballs

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Include Italian Sausage Meatballs with your Spaghetti.

Italian Breakfast Sausage

Shape Italian Sausage meat into 45 g – 60 g patties and sear in a pan over medium heat for about 3 minutes per side. Optionally, season with Salt & Pepper.

Pizzeria Italian Sausage

Portioned into 1/2 tsp and rolled up just like the tiny nuggets you get at a Pizzeria. Use on various types of Pizza, Soups, Pasta Bakes and Ovensubs and more.

Italian Sausage Kebab

Portion the Italian Sausage to about 114 g and shape unto Hom Skewers. Place them on a casserole dish to lift them up and bake at 350 F for 25–30 minutes, flipping halfway through. Optionally, season with Salt & Pepper.

Italian Sausage Pasta Bake

Italian Sausage Pasta Bake

Use Ground Italian Sausage Meat, shaped into tiny meatballs or cooked and then sliced Italian Sausage to include for this dish.

Cooked ground Italian Sausage

Use it ground in things like Pasta Sauce, Pasta Bakes and other Pasta dishes, stuffed Peppers and more.

Sausage and Egg McMuffin

Italian McMuffin

Use Italian Sausage meat to make 45 g patties. Sear 3 minutes per side for an Italian Breakfast Sandwich. Optionally switch out the Cheddar Cheese for Mozza.

Air Fryer Steamed and Toasted Sausages

Air Fryer Sausages

Air Fry the Italian Sausages and place them into some hot dog buns to top off with your favorite toppings.

Pizza Soup

Pizza Soup

Include Italian Sausage either ground or shaped into tiny meatballs as one of the ingredients for Pizza Soup.

Pizza Samosas

Pizza Samosas

Include Italian Sausages for Pizza Samosas.

Pizza Ovensub

Pizza Ovensubs

Use as a topping on Pizza Oven Subs.

Pizza Pasta Bake Fork view

Pizza Pasta Bake

Include Italian Sausages as one of the ingredients for a Pizza Pasta Bake.

Party Pizza

Include Italian Sausages shaped into tiny nuggets just the same as pizzerias to top your Pizzas with. This one is a Party Pizza.

Inside Pizza Egg Roll

Pizza Egg Rolls

Include Italian Sausages for Pizza Egg Rolls.

Visit our recipe for Homemade Italian Sausage and make your own. The meat can then be portioned and shaped to use for any of the above recipes or frozen to use at a later time.

Italian Sausage Meat
Italian Sausage Meat
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