Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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A Beautiful lightly Toasted Grilled Cheese Sandwich filled with Cheese. Perfect all by itself as a snack and optionally with Dipping Sauce or served alongside with Tomato Soup or other Soups.


The Classic is White bread. Other types of Bread can be used. Such as Sour Dough Bread, Rye Bread, English Muffins with all its nooks and crannies to hold on to cheese with, or Ciabatta Bread.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Brush On

The Classic version is brushed with Butter. Mayonnaise works exceptionally well. Aioli, Garlic Butter, and other Compound Butters can be used or Flavored Oils.


I most often add the addition of Powdered Parmesan & Romano Cheese. It cooks up really nice and adds some flavor to the bread.

Other Herbs & Spices can go on the outside as well such as Chives, Parsley, Smoked Paprika, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Dill Weed, Thyme, Aleppo, and Chili Flakes.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Filling

The Classic Cheese filling is American Processed Cheese Slices. I prefer Velveeta Cheese Slices, but any other cheese can be used. It’s entirely up to you.

I have used Cheese Whiz Spread by itself and in addition to using a cheese slice as well as Mozzarella and Mozzarella with Provolone Cheese. A Variety of other cheeses may include Monterrey Jack, Habanero Cheese Slices, or Swiss.

Other Fillings

Add additional Items like Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Roast Beef or other Deli Meats, Pickles, Tomatoes with Mozzarella Cheese, Sauteed Mushroom with Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese.

Just don’t add too much, the focus or centerpiece is the Cheese.

Salt & Pepper

In almost all cases add a bit of Salt & Pepper to season. If adding Bacon or other ingredients that contain salt you may want to skip the Salt or not add as much.

If brushing the outside with a Spicy Sauce or adding in spicy ingredients like hot sauce or hot peppers. Skip adding the Black Pepper or don’t add as much.

Exchange the Black Pepper with White Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Chili Powder, Chipotle Powder, Ancho Powder.

Dipping Sauce

Serve a small dish of dipping sauce.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Variations

Quite a few variations of the Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich. You just can’t go wrong with Bread and Cheese. Serve as a Sandwich by itself or with Dip. Serve with Soups as a side Sandwich.

Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Butter the Outside with Papa Johns Garlic Sauce and Sprinkle Parmesan & Romano Cheese. Fill with a spoonful of Pizza Sauce and a Slice of Mozzarella Cheese or a Mixture of Mozzarella & Provolone cheese.

Suggested Soup: Pizza Soup

Pizza Grill Cheese Sandwich
Pizza Grill Cheese Sandwich

Garlic Buttered Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Butter both the Outside with Papa Johns Garlic Sauce. Place Mozzarella Cheese and/or Provolone Slice or Shredded Mozzarella and Provolone. Sprinkle Black Pepper over the Cheese. Optionally add Bacon.

JAH Garlic Butter can be used instead. But this one takes a bit of time to prepare as it is based on the Aioli recipe.

Suggested Soup: Donair Soup, Pizza Soup

Garlic Buttered Grilled Cheese
Garlic Buttered Grilled Cheese

Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Brush the Outside with Mayo. Fill with Velveeta or Cheddar Cheese and Bacon Slices or Canadian Bacon.

Suggested Soup: Hamburger Soup, Cheeseburger Soup

Bacon Grilled Cheese
Bacon Grilled Cheese
Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A Beautiful Lightly Toasted Grilled Cheese Sandwich filled with Cheese. Perfect all by itself as a snack or served alongside Tomato Soup, other soups or Dipping Sauce.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Course: Appetizer, Lunch, Sandwich, Side Dish
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Grilled Cheese, Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Servings: 1 portions
Author: JAH


  • 2 slices Bread
  • Mayonnaise - – or use Mild Mayo Sauce
  • 1 Velveeta Cheese Slice
  • Butter
  • Parmesan & Romano Cheese - – Finely grated or Powdered


  • Heat a Skillet up over medium heat. Lay out 2 Slices of Bread on a plate. Brush with Mayo and Sprinkle Parmesan & Romano Powdered Cheese on both Slices.
  • Take one Slice of bread and flip it over on top of the other one. Butter the top piece of bread and lay a cheese slice down. Sprinkle with a bit of Salt & Pepper.
  • Lay the Top Bread down into the Skillet and Place the other one on top. Cover the skillet and cook 1-2 minutes per side or until Toasted to your liking.


If making more than one Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the Pan will eventually get too hot. Just remove it from the heat source to cool down some before making your next Grilled Cheese Sandwich and lower the heat slightly.
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