Cheese Steak Pizza

Cheese Steak Pizza
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Cheese Steak Pizza, done JAH Style! Pizza Dough sauced with Mild Mayo Sauce and topped with Steak Strips, Onions, Peppers, and Cheese. Dressed with Red Greek Sauce over top, that makes this a hell of a good steak Pizza. Optionally add Sauteed Mushrooms.

Pizza Dough

Have it on a Thin Crust or a Hand Tossed Pizza Dough. The Thin crust can be made and ready within the same day. While the Hand Tossed needs time to properly ferment.

If however, you make the hand-tossed pizza dough and freeze them, then it’s as simple as taking it out to thaw.

Cheese Steak Pizza Sauce

The Mild Mayo Sauce and the Red Greek Sauce are the two sauces used. Make the Red Greek Sauce in advance. Since some of this is used to make the Mild Mayo Sauce as well.

I use the Mild Mayo Sauce as the base sauce for the Pizza and the Red Greek Sauce to dress the pizza. However, you could flip the sauces and use the Red Greek Sauce as the base and the Mild Mayo as the dressing sauce. entirely up to you and your preferences.

The Mild Mayo Sauce and Red Greek Sauce Combination is something that I often use not just for Cheesesteak Pizza but also for Gyro Wraps & Shawarmas. The combination works extremely well together with meats.

Mild Mayo Sauce
Mild Mayo Sauce
Red Greek Sauce
Red Greek Sauce

Other Sauces

Other Sauces can be used in place of the Above Sauces to get different variations of the Cheese Steak Pizza. Use both Sauces from the Saucy Steak Recipe or Arby’s Sauce, Cheese Whiz Sauce for the Dressing sauce that goes on top.

Even mixing a bit of Mayo and HP Sauce or other Steak Sauce for either the Base or the Dressing sauce on top.

You could also just stay with the Base Pizza Sauce for the Cheesesteak Pizza and use another Sauce of your choice for the Dressing Sauce.


Use Sliced cooked steak for the Steak Pizza. This recipe usually comes after I have made Cheese Steak Sub reserving some of the meat for this recipe here.

Use reserved meat from making the Cheese Steak oven subs. Doing so reduces time and effort as well as having this dish as a natural carry-over dish.

If making this from scratch then slice thinly the steak. Partially freezing the steak can help with this.

Cook the steak in a skillet until the pink is gone with a bit of Salt & Pepper. Or marinate it in some Seasoned Oil and then cook it to use as the topping for the Pizza.

Any cut can be used but ideally, you want Rib Eye, Flank, Chuck Eye, Top or Bottom round.

Cheese Steak Pizza Toppings

Add to the Steak Pizza, Diced Onions, Peppers, and Sauteed Mushrooms if desired. Other toppings may include Hot Peppers, Dill Pickles, Fried Onions, and/or Diced Tomatoes.

Cheesesteak Pizza Side
Cheesesteak Pizza Side


For this Pizza, the standard Cheese blend that I am always going on about is a 3:1 ratio of Mozzarella & Provolone Cheese. It adds exceptional flavor and good melting. However for this particular pizza also include shredded cheddar cheese. It just goes so well with Steak.

Cheese Steak Pizza

Cheese Steak Pizza

Cheese Steak Pizza, done JAH Style! Pizza Dough sauced with Mild Mayo Sauce and topped with Steak Strips, Onions, Peppers, and Cheese. Dressed with Red Greek Sauce over top, that makes this a hell of a good steak Pizza. Optionally add Sauteed Mushrooms.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Course: Lunch, Main Course, Snack
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Cheese Steak Pizza, Cheesesteak Pizza, Pies Pizza, Pizza, Steak Pizza
Servings: 2 Pies
Author: JAH


  • Pizza Pan or Screen



  • 1 lb Steak - – Sliced Thinly and cooked
  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Green Peppers
  • 1 Red Peppers


  • Prepare in advance the Pizza Dough, Sauces and Toppings that will be used for the Cheesesteak Pizza.
  • Preheat the Oven to the highest setting, preferrably with a pizza Stone.
  • Place the Pizza Dough on a Pizza Sheet or Screen and Sauce with Mild Mayo Sauce or other chosen Base Sauce. Then the Toppings & Cheese or Cheese & Toppings, depending if you like your toppings under the cheese or on top of the cheese.
  • Bake in the oven for about 5-6 minutes. While that Pizza is baking assemble your second pizza and place into the oven when the first Pizza comes out.
  • Squeeze the Red Greek Sauce or other Dressing Sauce over top of the Cooked Pizza. Slice and Serve.


Any leftover Toppings can easily be combined and placed into a Ziploc bag and frozen for the next time you make Steak Pizza.
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