Midnight Bars

Midnight Bars
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Midnight Bars – Two variations

The classic Mint & JAH Original Peanut Butter Midnight Bars. Yeah, I did. The thought occurred. I should use my Peanut Butter Pie Filling for these midnight bars. I bet that would taste wickedly good! So I created it. You are definitely going to want to give these a try.

These are three-layer bars. The first layer is Graham Crumb-based.
The second is the filling and the Third is the Chocolate Coat. Cut into bars and serve.

Spoon the chocolate over the filling and spread, then shake the pan back and forth to evenly distribute the chocolate layer.

Add more milk to the Chocolate layer if needed so that it is easily spreadable.

First Layer

The first layer is Graham Crumb and a little Coconut. I don’t like it too much but just a little to add a difference of contrast. Which I think makes it stand out more.

The Graham Crumbs and Coconut are placed in a bowl and set aside.

The Butter, Cocoa, and Sugar are placed into a pan to melt and combine. Not too hot. Just enough to melt and combine. The eggs are placed in a bowl and scrambled then tempered with the warm liquid. The Eggs are then placed in with the warm mixture and mixed really well on medium or medium to low heat until it thickens a bit. This mixture is then combined with the Graham Crumbs and Coconut and packed into a casserole pan.

Second Layer

The second layer is where we can choose what kind of bar we want to make. There is Mint & Peanut Butter.

For the Mint we just combine everything. Pay attention to the consistency of the filling for the Mint adding more Sugar or Liquid so that we end up with a pretty firm filling.

For the Peanut butter. The idea is to caramelize slightly the Butter and Brown Sugar. We then add in the Peanut butter and Fold in the Cool Whip when the mixture has cooled down.

Third Layer

Is a Chocolate layer. Feel free to double up on this if you want more chocolate on the top. Pour this over the filling and spread then shake the pan to evenly distribute the chocolate layer.

The Top Chocolate layer will solidify pretty quickly, so work fast to pour, spread and shake and then place into the freezer.

Add more butter or coconut fat and cream if necessary to get an easily spreadable chocolate layer.

Midnight Bars Storage

Keep the Midnight bars in the fridge for short storage or freeze them for longer storage.

Midnight Bars

A Canadian Treat! These Midnight Bars are addictive. They come in two different styles Mint & Caramel Whipped Peanut Butter. They're also known as Nanaimo Bars.
Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time20 minutes
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Canadian
Keyword: Midnight Bars, Mint Bars, Nanaimo Bars, Peanut Butter Bars
Servings: 1 tray
Author: JAH


  • 9×13 casserole dish
  • Saucepot


First Layer

  • 3 1/2 C Graham Crumbs
  • 1/2 C Flaked Coconut
  • 1 C Butter
  • 2/3 C Cocoa
  • 1/2 C Sugar
  • 2 Beaten Egg

Second Layer


    • 4 C Icing Sugar
    • 2/3 C softened Butter
    • 5-6 Tbl Milk - – add as needed
    • 2 tsp Peppermint Extract
    • Green Food Coloring as needed

    Peanut Butter

    • 1 C Peanut Butter
    • 1 C Butter
    • 1 C Brown Sugar
    • 1 L Cool Whip
    • optional Vanilla

    Third Layer

    • 1 C Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips or more
    • 2 Tbl Butter
    • 1 Tbl Milk more as needed


    First Layer

    • Combine Butter, Cocoa, and Sugar over medium heat and keep mixing. Heat everything just until the sugar has dissolved and the butter just melted, remove from heat
    • Add about 1 Tbl of the warm mixture into the egg while mixing. Add another Tbl of the warm mixture while mixing the eggs to bring the temperature of the eggs up.
    • Add the egg mixture into the sauce pan and return to heat. Keep mixing with a steel whisk until mixture coats a metal spoon. Remove from heat.
    • Stir in Graham Crumbs & Coconut. Press into a casserole pan. Place in freezer.

    Second Layer Mint

    • In a Mixer Combine all Ingredients except the milk and mix until smooth. Add the milk 1 Tbl at a time to achieve a thick filling. You want this thick enough to hold its shape well with the chocolate on top, so add more milk as needed. Spread over the filling and freeze

    Second Layer Peanut Butter

    • In a saucepot Combine Sugar and Butter over medium heat until the mixture is smooth constantly stirring it. Keep it there simmering for about 8 minutes or until thickened. Remove from the heat and allow to cool for 10 minutes.
    • Add Peanut Butter and Vanilla. Mix until smooth. Let cool further for about 15 minutes. Fold in the Cool Whip until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Spread over the first layer and freeze.

    Third Layer

    • In a heavy saucepan over low heat combine Chocolate Chips and Butter and melt. Whisk until smooth. Add more butter or cream if needed to get a spreadable consistency.
      Pour over the frozen filling and quickly spread and shake the pan back and forth before it has time to harden.
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