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Fruit Pudding Parfait
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Fruit Parfait made with Pudding and/or Yogurt, chopped Berries of choice, topped off with a Crunchy Granola mix for a sweet treat. Make them with Yogurt and a bit of Honey or Macerated Berries for Yogurt Parfaits, or use Pudding for Pudding Parfaits. You can even do a combination of Pudding & Yogurt for a Pudding & Yogurt Parfait. For this recipe, macerated Berries are used with a Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding & Crunchy Granola mix. Quick and simply satisfying.

Fruit Parfait Ingredients

An American Fruit Parfait is made up of a Creamy Pudding and/or Yogurt with choice of Fruits and a crunchy Granola Mix. It can include certain Liqueurs, Honey or Syrups and Whipped Cream.

The ingredients are layered in a Parfait glass that holds about 1 cup of liquid or a tad bit more. Use either these single serving Parfait glasses or plastic see through take away cups at local restaurants or the grocery store in the Deli section. Which are great for Parfait on the go.

Single Raspberry Parfait
Single Raspberry Parfait


Wash and dry the whole Berries. Coarsely chop fruits like Strawberries or Blackberries if large. Blueberries or Raspberries can be left whole, or the Raspberries chopped if they are large. Bananas can be sliced or diced. The objective is to be able to have a few pieces of Fruit with each spoonful.



Coarsely chop.



Leave whole.



Leave whole or chop in half if they are large.



Leave whole or chop in half if they are large.

Macerated Fruit

In the strictest sense, macerating means to allow the fruits to marinate in some flavored liquid. Sugar is sprinkled over the Fruits which draws out moisture and eventually causes the Fruits to sit in their own liquids, in effect yielding macerated fruits.

While you can add in Fresh Fruit as is, macerating the fruit is so much better. You get softened, sweeter fruit with that syrup. It’s especially good with thicker mediums like Yogurt, because the extra syrup helps to thin out the thicker yogurt.

Sprinkle the fruit with Sugar to add sweetness and allow the Sugar to work, breaking the Fruit down and releasing the Juices, which will create a Syrupy Fruit that can be used in the Parfaits. The amounts of sugar varies depending on how sweet you like it. In general, use about 1 Tbl of White Sugar for every 1/2 C of chopped Fruit.

Leave out at room temp for at least 30 minutes. Refrigerate for an overnight rest for softer and more syrupy fruits. The longer the Berries sit, the softer they become. Soft Fruits like Blackberries or Raspberries will soften even quicker than harder fruits like Strawberries. Depending on how firm or soft you prefer the Fruits, let them sit for the amount of time accordingly.

Macerated Raspberries

Macerated Raspberries

170g of Raspberries with 2 Tbl Sugar.

A splash of Lemon juice can be added to derive an even sweeter flavor or the use of Syrups like Grenadine, just a splash.

Frozen Fruit

Prepackaged Frozen Fruit or Berries that are washed and then frozen can be used. Just take the Fruit out of the Freezer and thaw.

To freeze Fresh Berries, wash well and dry in a strainer. Empty them out on a baking sheet in an even layer and place into the freezer. Once fully frozen, empty the berries into a freezer bag.


A bit of chopped or crushed nuts is very nice for some crunch. You can go with one specific kind, like Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts or a mix of Nuts. Granola mixes usually contain some nuts, but you can certainly add more.

Granola Mix

A Granola mix is great to top everything off and adds some crunch. A Homemade version of Granola Mix can be made up in a pan over medium heat with Brown Sugar, Oats and mixed crushed nuts. For quick & easy, opt for Harvest Crunch or similar Granola mixes.

Harvest Crunch

Harvest Crunch

This is a very nice Granola Mix that is ready to go whenever you want a parfait. Just sprinkle some on top or in between the layers and some more on top to add some sweet crunch to your parfaits.

Great Value Granola Mix

Great Value Granola

This is a very good Granola Mix too.


Honey adds that sweetness that is especially needed if only using plain yogurt. It’s not really needed for flavored yogurts or pudding. Other substitution include the Sugared Fruits which also create a Sweet liquid or the use of Sweet Liqueurs or Fruit Syrups.

Fruit Yogurt Parfait

A Fruit Yogurt Parfait uses Yogurt as the medium to carry everything else. You can use a Thick Plain Greek Yogurt, to which you will want to add some form of Sugar and possibly a bit of cream or whipping cream to thin out, especially with very thick yogurt or use of Regular Vanilla or other flavored Yogurts. Which are much thinner in consistency and sweeter. Macerated Fruits with their liquids will also contribute to thinning out the Yogurt.

Greek Yogurt


I find Greek Yogurt is perfect for mixing with Pudding to add sweetness and thin out the thick yogurt. Other thinner and flavored yogurts can be used by themselves and usually contain Sugar for the sweet component.

Whipped Cream Greek Yogurt

Combine equal amounts of Thick Greek Yogurt & Whipping Cream and mix. Optionally add in Vanilla and some Honey or Sugar for a sweeter taste, or use Macerated Fruit.

Fruit Pudding Parfait

A Fruit Pudding Parfait uses Vanilla Pudding or other flavors as the medium to carry everything else. You can make the Pudding from scratch, but these Snack Packs are pretty cheap and ready to go. One Tub is divided in half for layering the Parfait and is good for one serving.

Snack Pack Pudding


Snack Pack Pudding Tubs. Each Tub is 99g or a single serving.

Fruit Pudding & Yogurt Parfait

This combines both kinds of Parfaits and adds an extra layer of similar creaminess to the overall parfait. The Greek Yogurt delivers a high tangy note and is thick. With Sweet Vanilla Pudding, offering up a sweeter creamy mouthfeel. Combine both the Yogurt & Pudding in equal amounts (50g each for a single serving) and whisk until smooth.

Parfait Ratios

The Parfait ratios may vary, depending on if you like more pudding or more fruit in a Parfait. I find the below ratios ideal for a single serving, and fills a Parfait glass and the Belly pretty nicely.

  • 1 Snack pack Pudding or about 100 g of Pudding or Yogurt
  • Anywhere from 75-100g of Fruit, or about 1/2 C plus
  • 30g of Granola mix or about 1/4 C

Parfait Takeaway cups

The next time you order a cold Drink from Tim Hortons or McDonalds, save the clear serving cups. Although these clear takeaway cups are larger and can fit a hefty double serving.

These can be washed and reused over and over again, not only for Fruit Parfait, but for many other Cold & Refreshing Drinks and treats.

Vanilla Strawberry Parfait
Vanilla Strawberry Parfait double serving

Fruit Parfait with Chia Seeds

Chai Seeds are an excellent addition to Fruit Parfaits, not for anything flavor wise, they go practically unnoticed. But functional wise, this superfood does an amazing job at reducing blood sugar levels. When added to Parfaits, they are very effective in reducing the blood glucose spike. Not only that, but they contribute omega 3 which helps protect against heart attack as well as a whole host of other health benefits.

This is a key thing to remember when consuming Sugar. Sugar in nature always comes prepackaged with lots of fiber. It’s this fiber that slows down the absorption rate of Sugar, resulting in a much healthier and controlled release of sugar.

Chai Seeds

Chai Seeds

Just a sprinkle of them on top of the Pudding and/or Yogurt when layering is all that is needed, and a great way to incorporate Chai Seeds.

Macerated Raspberries with Chai Seeds

Macerated Fruit with Chai Seeds

If Macerating the Berries, then add the Chai Seeds to the maceration process.

Fruit Parfait Ideas

Some Ideas are listed below and combine different types of Fruits, Yogurt and/or Pudding.

Mixed Berry Half Pistachio Pudding and Yogurt

Pistachio Pudding Parfait

Made with Half Pistachio Pudding and Half Greek Yogurt with mixed berries.

Banana Vanilla Parfait

Banana Parfait

Made with Tapioca Pudding and Bananas. Single serving.

Mixed Berries Parfait

Mixed Berry Parfait

Made with mixed Berries (Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries).

Fruit Pudding Parfait

Fruit Parfait

Fruit Parfait made with Pudding and/or Yogurt, chopped Berries of choice, topped off with a Crunchy Granola mix for a sweet treat. Make them with Yogurt and a bit of Honey or Macerated Berries for Yogurt Parfaits, or use Pudding for Pudding Parfaits. You can even do a combination of Pudding & Yogurt for a Pudding & Yogurt Parfait. For this recipe, macerated Berries are used with a Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding & Crunchy Granola mix. Quick and simply satisfying.
Servings: 1 portion
Prep10 minutes
Macerated Berries30 minutes


  • 2 Parfait Glasses or Takeaway see through plastic cups
  • 1 Bowl


  • 1 Tub Vanilla Pudding - About 100g
  • 1/2 C Berries - About (75-100g)
  • 1 Tbl White Sugar
  • 1/4 C Granola Mix - About 30g
  • 1 tsp Chai Seeds - Optional


  • Wash and dry the Berries and place into a bowl with White Sugar. Mix well, cover for 30 minutes or refrigerate overnight. Optionally add in Chai Seeds.
    You can also just use the Fresh Fruits right away without macerating and optionally sprinkling on Chai Seeds on the Pudding layer.
  • Layer the Parfaits ingredients as follows;
    1/2 of the Pudding
    1/2 of the Berries
    2 Tbl Granola
    Repeat for another layer. Serve right away.


If making this to be consumed later, then you may just want to layer as Pudding, Fruit, repeat and the Granola Mix on top, so the Granola doesn’t contact the Pudding and become too soft, or it can be stored in a separate small container to sprinkle on top when ready to consume for the freshest possible crunch.
Course: Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keywords: Berry Parfait, Fruit Parfait, Fruit Pudding Parfait, Fruit Yogurt Parfait, Pudding & Yogurt Parfait, Pudding Parfait, Yogurt Parfait
Author: JAH

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