Markouk Donair

Markouk Donair
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Markouk or Markook Donair is a Halifax Style Donair topped with Halifax Donair Sauce, Diced Onion & Tomatoes. Wrapped in Markouk Saj Bread.

It adds a Chewiness to the Donair and some good tear action. If you never had a Markouk Donair, you really should. It is a unique and pleasant experience.

Markouk Donair Halves
Markouk Donair Halves

Markouk Bread

Pick these up at your local Middle Eastern Store. I picked mine up for $5.00 CAD for 5 pieces. Use for any wraps where you want to introduce a Chewy Tear to the eating experience.

Markouk Bread
Markouk Bread

Markouk Bread is a Lebanese Flat Bread that is cooked on a Saj. Which is a rounded concave cooking surface used for cooking flatbreads.

The Bread is nothing fancy just Flour, Salt, Sugar, Oil, and Yeast. It’s how it is prepared and cooked that makes this flatbread something else.

It’s a large Flatbread up to 2 feet in diameter and extremely thin almost translucent.

You don’t have to preheat the bread. Just stuff with the Ingredients and wrap.

Markouk Donair

Same as the Original Halifax Donair but wrapped in Markouk Bread.

This recipe uses JAH Halifax Donair Spice. If you don’t have this, you can pick up donair meat at your local Cash & Carry or use the standard online recipe found in the post JAH Donair Meat under the Standard Donair Recipe heading. You will also need to prepare the Halifax Donair Sauce.

Markouk Donair
Markouk Donair

Place the Bread off centered on a plate and Sauce with Donair Sauce, Donair Meat, More Donair Sauce, and Diced Onions & Tomatoes. Fold in the sides and wrap much like a Burrito.

These are large wraps so are more fitted for larger donairs of about 1/2 lbs or more.

The bread is really thin. So if not consuming right away then wrap the donair in tin foil to keep the bread soft. Else the pieces that are not in contact with the filling can dry up pretty fast.

Even with the large Flat Bread, filling it up with about 1/2 lbs of donair meat or more surprisingly is not Bready at all. It offers a unique eating experience that in my opinion is very enjoyable. I love tearing into this donair. For those always interested in trying out new donair foods, I think you will really enjoy this one.

Markouk Donair

The Halifax Style Donair wrapped in Lebanese Markouk Flat Bread that delivers extra chewiness.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Course: Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine: Canadian
Keyword: Halifax Donair, Markouk Donair
Servings: 4 portions
Author: JAH



  • Have the Donair meat already Sliced. The Donair Sauce prepared. The Onions & Tomatoes Diced and Washed.
  • Place the Sliced Donair meat under the Broiler to heat and crisp some. Toss every few minutes. Or Pan Fry the Donair meat to heat through.
  • Place Markouk Bread off center unto a plate. Sauce with Donair Sauce. Top with Hot Donair Meat. Add some extra Donair Sauce and top with Diced Onions & Tomatoes.
  • Fold in the sides and roll. Much like rolling a Burrito. If serving this later wrap in tin foil to avoid the bread drying out.
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