Unboxed Market Review

Unboxed Market Review
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The Unboxed Market is a Portuguese Bulk grocery outlet located in Toronto in little Portugal. Dedicated to minimizing on plastic waste and promoting local products whenever possible. Bring your own Jars, Cloth Bags, Produce Bags, and Containers. If you forget, you can purchase them instore. As the name indicates, almost all of the items are free from packaging.

What I was mainly after was the Portuguese Chourico Sausages and is what prompted this review. You just can not find these anywhere else. While this review is centered around the Portuguese Chourico Sausages. There is so much more this store has to offer. From Portuguese favorites, special selection of Meats & Cheeses, Oils, Vinegars, Spices to housecleaners and miscellaneous items.

Unboxed Market Contact Information

Unboxed Market Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Saturday: 10AM-7PM
Sunday: 10AM-6PM

Unboxed Market Review

I tried looking for these specific kind of Portuguese Chourico Sausages everywhere and could not find them. Even stopping into some Portuguese specialty Grocery Stores. After finding out they were available at Unboxed Market I took a drive down to see. Sure enough entering the store I could smell them. Walking down towards the back, there they were hanging on a rod. While talking with the guy he offered a sample and when I tasted it, yep these were it.

They sell quite a few other Portuguese food items, but the Chourico Sausages are just one of a kind and what I was after when visiting. I just had to throw a shout out to the best place to pick up your Portuguese Chourico Sausages.

Unboxed Market Chourico Sausages

These are one of the best Sausages. What makes them even more special is the Flavor they can contribute to numerous other dishes. The Fat melts and just flavors everything throughout. They really just add that something extra. You know a product is very good when you’re willing to go out of your way to find it.

Portuguese Chourico Sausages

Portuguese Chourico Sausages

These are sold in Mild or Hot variations. They can be stored in the fridge for a few days or frozen to take out whenever you plan on cooking with it.

The Meat & Fat is in chunks, not ground, with the meat tasting like Smoked Ham. In between the Meat & Fat should be an orange to red color paste inside. Adding even more flavor and binding everything together with the Skin having a snap to it. These are smoked with both Charcoal & Wood.

While Chourico Sausages can be eaten as is or for a Charcuterie board. The Real Magic happens when they are cooked and included in certain dishes. That Fat renders out and the Chourico Flavors everything with a subtle hit of smoke flavor. It’s just not the same without it.

If you have never tried these you really need to pick some up and cook with them. While you can use Chourico Sausages similar to this one, nothing really beats the ones offered by Unboxed Market.



The Unboxed Market is definitely worth the visit. Even if it’s only to get your hands on the best Portuguese Chourico Sausages to use in various recipes. Although the zero waste and filling up your own containers is very appealing as well.

Those Chourico Sausages though are just something else. The owners really have something special here. So if you are in the area, check them out and pick some up to use in various recipes right here on JAHZKITCHEN. Or check out their Website and place an order if you are within their delivery area.

Their delivery area is about 10 – 11 Km. Orders can be placed online at their Website. Just Sign up to create an account and place your order. For deliveries outside of this range I believe you would have to contact them at online@unboxedmarket.com to arrange shipping.

Recipes with Portuguese Chourico Sausages

Portuguese Beef Stew

Beef Stew

Beef Stew with added Portuguese Chourico Sausages. The Fat renders out and just adds that unique flavor to the overall stew.

Bowl of Sausage & Kale Soup

Kale & Sausage Soup

Chourico Sausages is what adds that distinctive addicting flavor.

Chicken and Chourico

Chicken Chourico

Chourico Sausages are chopped or torn and included with the Potatoes & Carrots.

Pot of Chili

Homestyle Chili

Chourico Sausages are included with the meat and simmered rendering out the Fat and flavoring the overall Chili. It just takes the Chili to another level.

Sausage Rice bake without socarrat

Chourico Rice Bake

Portuguese Chourico Sausages are chopped or torn and included in this Chourico Sausage Rice Bake.

Chorizo Burrito

Chourico Burrito

Uses the above Chourico Rice Bake leftovers with other ingredients to make Burritos.

Portuguese Pizza

Portuguese Pizza

Chourico Sausages are chopped or diced and used as a topping for Pizzas.

Portuguese Lahmacun

Portuguese Lahmacun

Chourico Sausages are combined with a Pimento Marinade without the Rotisserie Seasoning and pureed in a food processor. Then spread on Homemade Tortillas or Pita Bread and Pan cooked or cooked in the oven. These are seriously addictive!

Chourico Ham Soup

Chourico Ham Soup

Both Hickory Smoked Ham and Chourico are used in the Soup. The Chourico adds so much more flavor and helps color the Soup those Autumn colors. It’s the perfect soup for the Fall and Winter months.

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