Lumberjack Sandwich

Lumberjack Sandwich
JAH Review

This is a review of the Lumberjack/Dagwood Sandwich. This is a Sub Sandwich offered by Sobey’s or Safeway for around $11.00. It’s called The Lumberjack by Safeway and Dagwood by Sobey’s.

Lumberjack Sandwich Price


The Lumberjack/Dagwood Sandwich is a whole loaf of Buttered Bread with the following ingredients. Although there are slight variations that include Roast Beef and/or Turkey Breast, and the Classic.

  • Deli Meats Mainly (Roast Beef, Ham, Salami, Turkey/Chicken)
  • Lettuce
  • Tomatoes
  • Red Onions
  • Cheddar & White Cheese
  • Sauce made up of Mustard & Mayo and possibly other ingredients
  • Salt & Pepper
Dagwood Sandwich


It is a Huge sandwich that can easily be cut in half length-wise, then Cut in half across to get 4 good sized sandwiches. That is $2.75 per sandwich. Feeding a family of four. Which is a really good deal. It is heavy on the bread but the flavors of this sandwich still comes through. This is a very good Sandwich and for the portion size and price, it can’t be beat.

If you were and I did, make this sandwich by purchasing all the ingredients yourself and assembling this. It would cost you more money and time.

For a sandwich that can do that, taste really good, large portion for a cheap Price. That makes this sandwich Highly Recommended.

They did really well putting this together and offering it for the price that it is at. Better than Subway by far. Don’t get me wrong. I love Subway and you have variety, but the biggest bang for your buck is definitely the Lumberjack sandwich hands down. It is about four 6 inch subs or 2-foot longs that you get for $11.00.

That being said this is an awesome sandwich to have with some chips on the side or Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad or to serve with Soup. You can cut these into a smaller size for Party Snacks, Get together, Birthday Parties. If you’re a College or University student this is a meal you should get. Because you can get 4 portions of a very good sized sandwich or 8 smaller sized sandwiches for $11.00. That’s Cheap and they’re very good too.

The meat portions are good and there is that Mayo Mustard Sauce that really helps things stand out. It’s an overall excellent sandwich.

Stop by your local Sobey’s or Safeway and Pick one up today along with a Bag of Chips. Enjoy!

Heated Lumberjack Sub

Wow! I mean just Wow! This is my new way of enjoying these. I use to eat the Sub just as is and tear into the bread. But, if you slice the sub into 4 sections and place two at a time into an air fryer at 400 F for a few minutes before consuming, what a difference it makes. It is an excellent sub hands own.

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