Figaros Pizzeria

Figaros Pizzeria
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Figaros Pizzeria Review. Figaro’s is a Pizzeria located on 90 Weber St N, Kitchener, ON, CA. Their website is It’s a Small Shop tucked away in a Corner operated by the Owner and a Lady both very friendly.


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Figaro’s has been sold. The name remains the same but the pizza is completely different. Not at all like the original owners offered. I definitely don’t recommend this Pizza and will be looking for another restaurant with superb Pizza.

The below review is what Figaro’s use to be.


The Owner and a Lady Operate the Daily Tasks of the Pizzeria.

The Pizza is Fantastic and rivals your big competitors. It is really a small gem and you wouldn’t know unless you tried their pizza. Not only does it beat a lot of Big Competitors Pizza for Flavor but they do it on the Cheap too.

For this review I ordered the Medium Pizza with Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and Bacon and a Medium Ham, Pineapple and Bacon for under $20.00.

Figaros Pineapple Ham and Bacon
Figaros Pineapple Ham and Bacon
Figaros Pepperoni Italian Sausage and Bacon
Figaros Pepperoni Italian Sausage and Bacon

Let’s get into the Pizza and break this down.

Figaro’s Pizzeria Dough

First off is the Dough. This is a Soft Pizza Dough with a Good Skin that develops into very good crusting of the Pizza when Baked. It’s exactly what you would expect with good gluten development and not an overly yeasty Dough. There is also additional assistance from the Cornmeal which helps crusting the Outside of the Dough during cooking as well as appeal and texture contrast.

Figaro's Pizza Crust
Figaros Pizza Crust

It is not to sweet and not too salty. It’s not too chewy but has some pull. Nice small bubble development on the Dough from Oil and an airy Dough with pockets of air for a light dough instead of a dense dough. A Good amount of crust for the Pizza instead of being too doughy. It’s just a very good medium delivering all the other ingredients together into a Figaros Pizza.

The Dough has a Full 24 hours or more to proof properly and allow the small amount of yeast added to work and create the Gluten Bonds and develop the Flavor.

Figaros Pizza
Figaros Pizza

Gluten Free

Figaro’s Pizzeria also has Gluten Free Pizza Dough as well.

Figaro’s Pizzeria Sauce

The Pizza Sauce is a very nice Sauce with Oregano, Basil, Chopped Garlic and other Ingredients with a slight Tang which is quite enjoyable helping the toppings stand out more.

The Tomato Puree is sourced from a California Provider and is known as one of the best quality you can buy.

You would think tasting this Sauce that there is somehow Red Wine Vinegar or other acid in the sauce but it is in fact the natural acid from the tomatoes. It really offers a solid base.

It’s a Complimentary & Adaptable Sauce no matter the Toppings. Made Fresh on site.

Figaro’s Pizzeria Toppings

I don’t know if this is just me or if other people who enjoy breaking down food do this as well. But I always Judge a Pizzeria first on their Dough then Pepperoni and additional toppings. You got to have Good Quality Toppings.


The Pepperoni should be a cured Pepperoni with good flavors often slightly dominating if it is the only ingredient on the Pizza. Figaros Pizzeria has this. They use a good Quality Pepperoni.

My Second Phase is to Judge the Italian Sausage and if this is good, the other toppings. Usually with these two my confidence in receiving a good pizza is boosted.

Italian Sausage

The Italian Sausage should be a Sausage like in texture with some heat, possibly visible fennel seeds as well. Figaro’s does this as well. It is a very good Sausage Topping.


I do miss the days where sliced Bacon was added to the Pizza but the kind used in Top Pizzerias is not that bad as well. Offering good Salty textured small bit of Bacon. Figaros Pizzeria Follow Suits.

Topping Layering

The Toppings are layered or placed on the Pizza Correctly with Flat Toppings first and well spread out. Not all placed towards the center.

The majority of the Pizza is the outside so you want the majority of toppings there as well. With some places the Toppings are all towards the center and when eating a slice all the toppings are almost gone from one bite.

Some places actually serve Pizza like this, I am sure you would have come across this at some point and agree that it results in a not so great pizza. With Figaros it is Good Quality Toppings and well spread out, giving you each of the toppings in every bite.

Figaros Pepperoni Italian Sausage and Bacon
Figaros Pepperoni Italian Sausage and Bacon

How the Pizza comes together

Because each topping is of high quality they can be tasted, individually recognizable when taking a bit but at the same time synchronizing the taste into something spectacular. This is exactly what you want in a Pizza.

Each Topping can be identified but combine well, not over powered by cheese or sauce but the whole slice coming together in unison to offer you a well flavored Pizza with the Aroma, Taste, Texture and Contrasts of.

Each step in building the Pizza was given attention in how it would evolve into the the Whole. The Dough is Perfect, The Sauce is Perfect, The Toppings are Perfect and the Cheese not too over powering.

I know some people like a lot of cheese and in that case ask for extra cheese. They don’t just add a small amount for extra they add a noticeable amount and it’s not under cheesed as well. They have done a really good job at offering High Quality Pizza and they do it for Cheap. This is a Double Win, Good Quality Pizza that is Cheap.

There are some Pizza shops out there selling you a Medium for 20.00 plus and using Grocery Store Toppings but claiming they are of high quality. Seriously I have come across them and it’s shameful.

With Figaro’s. It’s a Quality Pizza at a very good Price.


I have compared Figaros Pizza to a few surrounding Pizzerias and even some Big competitors. I always come back to Figaro’s. It’s just simply better.


Figaros Pizza is an underestimated Pizzeria Shop that offers numerous good deals for Quality Pizza the way you would expect. They are really a hidden Gem.

It’s clear that not only was thought and effort put into the Pizza every step of the way from start to finish with Quality in mind. But to do it for a good price. It is definitely a very tasty Pizza and one you must try. It’s one that I always come back too and I think those of you in this area will think so as well.

If you’re looking for Fantastic Pizza to put some Pizzaz in your step. Figaro’s is the name you need to know.