Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich

Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich
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Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich is just a classic and craveable all by itself. Sometimes nothing will do but this sandwich in all its simplicity. Just heated Turkey, Butter, Bread, Salt & Pepper.

I felt it worth posting because I imagine I’m not alone in desiring this sandwich when there is leftover Turkey. Sometimes this is just it. Nothing more, nothing less. Good Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich.

Left over Turkey

Use about 1/2 C of Leftover Turkey Meat. Heated in a pan over medium-high heat. I like using Dark Meat or mixed with a bit of white meat. With a Tablespoon each of water and Butter. Salt & Pepper to taste. That’s it. Pretty simple right.

I always have at least one of these sandwiches after a Holiday Turkey. Quite often a few.

With a good size Turkey, there should be leftovers for not only this sandwich but Newfie Poutine and Soups/Stews or a Pot Pie.


Butter 2 slices of bread and fill with heated Turkey Meat. Some people will add a bit of Mayo. Others like it on various breads or English muffins.

The bread goes soggy but for me, that’s desirable and is what makes this sandwich so great, along with trying to hold it together to eat.

Although some people Toast the bread or slide 2 pieces of bread into one slot of the Toaster so only one side gets toasted while the other side facing each other stays soft.

Either way, you make it. It’s a quick snack and a great way to enjoy leftover Turkey meat.

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Enjoy it as a Hot Turkey Sandwich. Double up on the meat and ladle some Hot Gravy or St Huberts Gravy on top. Garnish with a few Green Peas, waxed Beans, or Green Onions.

Hot Chicken Sandwich
Hot Chicken Sandwich

Old Fashioned Turkey Sandwich

Sometimes nothing beats this Classic yet Simple Sandwich using only Left over Turkey, Butter, Bread with Salt & Pepper. Some add in Mayo or serve on various breads or English Muffins.
Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time5 minutes
Course: Lunch, Snack
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Left Over Turkey Sandwich, Old Fasioned Turkey Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich
Servings: 1 portions
Author: JAH


  • 1/2 C Left over Turkey meat
  • 2 slices Buttered Bread
  • 1 Tbl Butter and Water
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Mayo as desired - – Optional


  • In a frying pan over medium high heat add Butter and Water. Then add left over Turkey meat. Mix and heat through. Season with Salt & Pepper. Cook until liquid has been absorbed by the meat.
  • Place the Cooked Turkey Meat on Buttered Bread. Some add a bit of Mayo. Slice in half and Serve.
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