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Kolbassa Pizza

Kolbassa Pizza uses Hot Kolbassa/Kielbasa Sausage to top the Classic Hand Tossed Pizza. It’s a tad Spicy Sausage that works really well to create a Spicy Pizza. Top it off with your choice of other toppings. This recipe uses Onions & Peppers.

Kolbassa Pizza Dough

Any Pizza Dough will do. Use the Thick or Thin Crust Pizza. In this recipe, we are using the Classic Hand Tossed Pizza Dough.

For the Thick Crust or Hand Tossed Pizza Dough, ensure that you have this ready the day before. The Thin Crust can be made the same day.

Pizza Dough Aging
Pizza Dough Aging

Garlic Buttered Pizza Dough

Optional but adds some really nice flavors. Brush the Stretched Pizza dough with Garlic Butter before saucing it.

JAH Garlic Butter Oil
JAH Garlic Butter Oil

JAH Garlic Butter Oil which is a Papa Johns Style Garlic Butter doesn’t hold up to heat as well as the Garlic Butter used for Garlic Fingers. You can still use it just fine. But is better suited for dipping your pizza in.

If you decide that you want the Garlic Dipping sauce to serve with this pizza. Then you might as well use some of it to brush the pizza too.

If making Garlic Fingers with the Pizza, then use that Garlic Butter instead for better flavor.

Bagel Washed Crust

This is optional but offers a darkened crust and a change in texture that I quite like.

Brush the Bagel wash solution on the crust before saucing. Optionally brush it again with Garlic Butter after it has cooked.

Bagel Washed Pizza
Bagel Washed Pizza

Bagel wash Solution

The Bagel wash solution is made up of 1 tsp of Baked Baking soda with 3 tsp of cold water. This is brushed onto the dough before baking and affects the texture and browning of the dough.

Baked Baking Soda

Take some Baking Soda and Bake it on tinfoil on a baking sheet at 250 F – 300 F for an hour. Take 1 tsp of this mixture and mix with 4 tsp of Water. Brush this unto the Crust before baking. This results in a Bagel Crusted Pizza!

The Baked Baking Soda is used to make Bagels. It is highly alkalizing and can cause irritation to the Skin. Be careful handling this and seal away the rest of it for Bagels, Noodles, etc… Here it used to give us a Bagel like crust which is Absolutely Fantastic. Try it out!

Kolbassa Pizza Sauce

The Classic Simplistic Pizza Sauce of them all, but is the original Pizza Sauce. Nothing more than Oil, Sugar, Salt, Pepper, and Fresh Basil. You can use Dried Basil.

Add in whatever Herbs & Spices you may like. Some that work with Kielbasa is Onion, Garlic, Black Pepper, Mustard, Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, Marjoram.

Kolbassa Sausages

Kolbassa Sausages go by different names such as Kielbasa, Kobasa, and other names. It’s an already cooked Sausage with a Ham Taste to it and very good.

I think there are three kinds. Original, With Cheese, and Hot.

I wanted the Hot for a spicy pizza but picked up the original by mistake. Should you find yourself in this situation, just add a good amount of Black pepper over the Sausages on the Pizza once they are laid out. I like the Hot Kolbassa Sausage and normally pick these ones up.

If you don’t like spicy, then the Original Kolbassa Sausage will do.

Kolbassa Sausage
Kolbassa Sausage
Spicy Kolbassa
Spicy Kolbassa

Chop them up any way you’d like. Sliced thin like Pepperoni or Salami, Diced, Julienne, sliced, and then half or quarter.

Kolbassa Different Cuts
Kolbassa Different Cuts

Pizza Cheese Blend

The best Cheese blend for Pizza as well as other dishes is a mix of Saputo’s Mozzarella Cheese and Provolone Cheese at a ratio of 3:1. Other cheese may be added like Monterrey Jack Cheese or a small amount of Cheddar Cheese.

Saputos Mozzarella Cheese
Saputos Mozzarella Cheese
Kolbassa Pizza

Kolbassa Pizza

Classic Hand Tossed Pizza with Hot Kolbasa Sausage, Diced Onions, Red & Green Peppers. Serve with a side of JAH Garlic Butter Oil for dipping your crust in.
Servings: 1 Pie
Prep10 minutes
Cook 5 minutes


  • 1 Pizza Screen or Pan
  • 1 Pizza Stone



  • With the Dough, Pizza Sauce and Topping ready and your oven preheated the highest it will go, with a Pizza Stone. Prepare the Pizza and Lay on a Pizza Screen or Pan. Optionally Brush the entire Pizza with Garlic Butter.
  • Sauce the Pizza and Place your toppings on, or Sauce and Cheese the Pizza and then place your toppings on.
  • Place into the oven for 6 minutes.
    After 4 minutes, turn the pizza around so that the back of the pizza is now in front. Check the bottom of the Pizza. If it needs more browning, move the pizza off the screen and directly on the Pizza Stone. If the Top needs more browning, turn the oven on broil.
  • Remove the Pizza, Slice and Serve. Optionally Brush the Crust again with Garlic Butter and garnish with Parmesan Cheese, Aleppo Pepper or Chili Flakes, and Parsley.


Try JAH Garlic Sauce and/or Donair Sauce for Dipping the Pizza in!
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keywords: Kielbasa Pizza, Kielbasa Sausage Pizza, Kolbassa Pizza, Kolbassa Sausage Pizza, Pizza with Kielbasa, Pizza with Kolbassa
Author: JAH

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