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JFC Fried Fish

JFC Fried Fish

Haddock or Cod dipped in JAH Deep Fry Batter and breaded with JFC Breading for Outstanding Delicate Deep Fried Fish! Kentucky style.

I absolutely love Fish & Chips and JAH Deep Fry Batter with additional seasonings or not delivers on that specific craving that I just get once in a while. That’s just using the Deep Fry batter for your typical English Style Fish.

Now, when we talk about JFC Fried Fish. It’s using the same batter as above, but before going into the deep fryer, it is coated in JFC Breading. This results in a thick-crusted, crunchy seasoned batter.

That seasoning in the breading and how it coats the fish after dipping it in JAH Deep Fry batter. It’s like a Popeye’s style batter.

I now have two ways I deep fry Fish. The Classic English Wet Battered Fish and the Kentucky Fried Fish.

How to Prepare Frozen Fish for Deep Frying

This is the method I use every time, which results in the Best Fried Fish I ever had to date. It is very important to have dry to the touch fish. This allows the wet batter to adhere much better.

How To Thaw Fish Fillets

First, place the Fish into a Pot while still in its original packaging and fill it with room temp water. Leave it there to thaw for about 10 minutes.

Usually, Fish is packaged in a Plastic Bag for a single fillet.

If, on the other hand, you buy from your local Cash & Carry a Box of Fish, this might not be the case. In that event, don’t introduce water. Just allow the fish to thaw on a rack while in the fridge overnight with a catch pan so that the fish is never sitting in its own juices.

Another option is to place the fillet into a Ziploc back and thaw the same way as if they were individually packaged.

How To Dry Fish

Once the Fish is Thawed or somewhat thawed, about 10 minutes. Remove it from the packaging and lay them down on a wired rack so that excess water can drip away from the Fish Fillets. Pat dry with a paper towel, soaking up every bit of moisture you can so that you can speed the drying process up.

Sprinkle a bit of sugar on one side of the fillets along with some Kosher Salt. The Sugar will reduce the fish smell and the Kosher salt will extract water, drying out the fish. Leave there to dry for about 1 hour.

Flip the fillets over and repeat with the Sugar & Kosher Salt seasoning and leaving to dry for another hour.

To speed the drying process up. Place the Rack of Fish Fillets in front of a Fan. This will rapidly dry the fish out.

Seasoning the Fish

The Salt and Sugar are also used to season the fish.

The JFC Breading is a breading with very minimal salt. Just like with Chicken, you have to season the chicken to really bring out the flavors. It is the same with Fish.

Only use enough Sugar and Salt for the fillet. You have to be careful here because you could end up with overly salted fish. You only need a little bit to season the fish, the benefit of it being that it also dries the fish out.

A small amount of Black or White Pepper can be added to season the fish fillets as well.

Wet Batter for JFC Fried Fish

The Wet batter for JFC Fried Fish uses JAH Deep Fry Batter with 1 Tbl of Vinegar for Deep Fried Fish and is outlined below.

  • JAH Poly Flour 1/2 C not packed
  • Cornstarch 1/2 C
  • Cold Water 1/2 C
  • White Vinegar 1 Tbl

This for me is a superior Deep Fry batter that results in some serious crunch. This is your Typical Fish Shack kind of Batter or the Classic English Style Fish & Chips.

Deep Fried Fish
Deep Fried Fish

The next test I want to try is, instead of adding 1/2 C cold water to the Batter, I want to add Hondashi and see if this produces a better overall taste. I suspect it will.

The Dried Fish Fillets are dipped in this wet batter before being tossed in JFC Breading.

Breading For JFC Fried Fish

The Breading is JFC Breading. This is my Fried Chicken Breading but works so well here with Deep Fried Fish. Especially how it coats the fish after being dipped in the wet batter.

JFC Fried Haddock
JFC Fried Haddock

With Breading the Fish after it has gone through the Wet Batter, the Fish goes from a typical Fish served in Fish Shacks to something a bit more delicate. The JFC Breading does really well for a Kentucky style Deep-Fried Fish.

Ensure that you toss the fish around about 20 times to create those crevices.

How to Deep Fry JFC Fried Fish

Once the Fish has been dipped into the Wet Batter and Tossed in JFC Breading.

  1. Pick up the Fish Fillet by the tail and lower into the Deep Fryer. Hold it there until the thickest part crust forms a bit, before releasing the fillet into the deep fryer.
  2. Give the basket a shake. Cook for 5 minutes at 375 F.
  3. Lift the Basket up and stand the fish up inside the basket so excess oil can drip off.
  4. Transfer to a plate lined with a Paper towel and allow to rest for just a few minutes so that excess grease can be soaked up. Then serve it while it’s hot and crispy.

JFC Fish Platter

Make it a Fish Platter with

  1. JFC Fried Fish – Haddock or Cod
  2. JAH Coleslaw
  3. French Fries – Store-Bought or Homemade French Fries
  4. Tartar Sauce
JFC Fish Platter
JFC Fish Platter
JFC Fish Platter

JFC Fried Fish

Catch of the Day is JFC Fried Fish (Haddock or Cod). Dipped in JAH Deep Fry Batter & Breaded with JFC Breading. Deep-Fried for 5 minutes. Turn it into a Platter with French Fries, Coleslaw and a side of Tartar Sauce.
Servings: 4 portions
Prep5 minutes
Cook 5 minutes
Dry Time2 hours


  • 1 Deep Fryer
  • 1 Wired Rack


  • 8 Fillets Fish - Haddock, Cod, or other white fish
  • Sugar & Kosher Salt - See Notes
  • 1 Portion JAH Deep Fry Batter
  • 1 Tbl White Vinegar - with the 1/2 C of cold water for the Deep Fry Batter
  • 1 Portion JFC Breading



  • Thaw the Fish while still in its original packaging for 10 minutes in a bowl filled with room temp water.
    Then remove each fillet and lay down on a wired rack. Sprinkle lightly with a bit of Sugar & Kosher Salt and leave dry for about 2 hours.
    To further assist drying, place the rack of fish fillets in front of a fan. Flip them over and repeat with Sugar & Salt and drying after 1 hour. The Fish Fillets should be dry to the touch before deep frying.
  • Prepare JAH Deep Fry Batter, adding 1 Tbl of White Vinegar and refrigerate while heating up the Deep Fryer to 375 F.

Deep Frying

  • Dip the Fish into JAH Deep Fry Batter and then into a Bowl with JFC Breading. Toss the Fish Fillet around, about 20 times and go straight to the Deep Fryer. Holding the fillet by the tail and allowing the thicker part to crust up some before letting go. Repeat for each fillet.
  • Shake the Basket. Deep Fry Fish for 5 minutes. Lift the Baskets up and stand the fish fillet up to drain off excess oil. Transfer to a paper towel plate and rest. Repeat for remaining Fish Fillets.


Season the fish lightly with Sugar & Kosher Salt, optionally with some Black or White Pepper. How much depends on the size and thickness of the fish fillets. Use a very small amount to avoid overly salty fish, only enough to season the fish. The Wet batter & JFC Breading also contains salt.
Serve it with Homemade Fries!
Add a Coleslaw Side!
Add some Tartar Sauce!
Course: Lunch, Main Course
Cuisine: Canadian
Keywords: Battered Fish, Breaded Fish, Deep Fried Fish, JFC Fried Cod, JFC Fried Fish, JFC Fried Haddock
Author: JAH

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