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All JAHZKITCHEN Products are posted for showcase purposes, because we do pass samples out to a select few for testing purposes, neighbors, family and friends. We currently do not sell any products at this time. However, we are in the process of finding the right solution that fits our needs. At which point these products will become available.

If you are one of the select few that do have your hands on a JAH Product, here is where you can get more information & recipes for the particular JAH Product you have. Enjoy that Belly Smile!

Got a JAHZKITCHEN Product? Browse our showcase of JAH Products and see what you can make with it.

JFC Frickin Good Drumsticks

JFC ~ Frickin Good Chicken

Old Fashioned Country Style Fried Chicken Breading. Specifically designed to Seal in the Natural Juices, Seasoned with the Secret Herbs & Spices.

Just marinate, bread and deep-fry.

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Rotisserie Chicken

Rotisserie Seasoning

Now you can enjoy your own Rotisserie or Roasted Chicken at home. Using a whole Chicken or cut into 8–12 pieces. Use Chicken Breasts or Quarters (Leg & Thigh). You don’t need a rotisserie, either. Just bake them in the oven.

Season the Chicken and Bake.

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Maritime Bagel Seasoning

Maritime Bagel Seasoning

This Maritime version of the Everything Bagel Seasoning is Aromatic & Extremely Addictive. Offering Nutty Toasted Flavors, strong in Onion & Garlic with a smidge of Sweet Heat. Made up of a complete 12 blend of both ground Spices & Seeds to get more Flavor & Coverage when sprinkled on your foods.

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Tandoori Drumsticks

Tandoori Masala

JAH Tandoori Spice! This Tandoori Spice mix is made with 26 Ingredients. Carefully combined in ratios to deliver a Dominant Savory, Mildly Spicy Flavors with Exotic Spices for undertones that create a wonderful aroma that will fill the Kitchen entirely.

Use it in marinades for Tandoori Chicken or directly on the Chicken without a marinade and other foods.

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All Beef Donair

Donair Spice

Greasy, Spicy Slivers of Shaved Meat on a Pita Bread (Lebanese) with Sweet Halifax Donair Sauce, Diced Tomatoes & Onions. Grease drippings falling out while you eat the Donair. It’s enough to make any Haligonian or Maritimer at Home, and now it can be made from Home, no matter where you are.

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Fresh Macaroni Salad

Poly Seasoning

Poly Seasoning – All Purpose Seasoning that can be used on a wide variety of dishes including Macaroni Salad, Egg Salad, and Meats. Bringing a tangy with a slight heat and noticeable celery flavors.

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Greek Seasoning

Greek Seasoning

A JAH Original All Purpose Greek Seasoning which is Greekish Good and used on quite a few dishes. Use on anything where you would normally use Salt & Pepper.

Excellent on Steaks, Chops, Roasts, Chicken, Grilled meat, Souvlaki, Meat Loaf, Fish, Burgers, Eggs, Seafoods, Turkey, and Wild Game.

Sloppy JAH Meat Mix


Sloppys is a Seasoning Mix Created for the Classic Sloppy Joe with a JAH Twist. It’s made and served the exact same way but taste better. Seasoned with JAH Flavors to deliver this awesome Meat & Sauce Mixture in a variety of different ways. Served it with a side of Chips or Fries, to scoop up all the sloppy fillings.

Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken

If you haven’t tried it, you must. Such a Comfort Food. Delicious Tandoori Chicken cooked along with a Creamy Tomato Curry Sauce. Butter Chicken is traditionally served over Rice or on Naan Bread with some side vegetables like Cucumber, Daikon, Peppers, and Lettuce. It’s a curry-style dish that we have quite often.

Taco Bell Original Beef

Taco Seasoning

JAH Taco Seasoning to make a variety of dishes any time for Taco Tuesdays. This seasoning blend is bold and rich, with nice heat and mouthfeel. The Ground Beef is cooked Taco Bell Style to get that consistency that is associated with Taco Bell or other Taco Outlets. Serve it up on Hard or Soft Shells with your favorite toppings.


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