Chicken Gravy

Chicken Gravy
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Here, you’re going to learn how to make Chicken Gravy. Real authentic Gravy made at home no substitutes.

At the grocery store you will see numerous instant gravy mixes and sure these might help out in a pinch..maybe, but the flavor you are sacrificing is not a good trade off at all. Homemade gravy is just so much better. It’s not hard, it’s just time consuming if you want it right. Once you get the method down. You’ll be able to serve real authentic gravy for your dinners. The only substitution I do is – I use chicken stock or powder. When I have a turkey I do not. I make real authentic stock boiling the bones and all.

Rendering Fat for Chicken Gravy

It all starts with the fat. Most people use some type of oil and this is okay. But again your losing out on flavor. What you want to do is render fat. How do you do this? All the skin and trimmings from your chicken should be saved and rendered to fat. Throw it into a Ziploc bag and freeze. Use the next time you make gravy.

You place a pan on the burner on medium heat (4-5) and add your chicken cuttings from cleaning and trimming your chicken. After some time you will see fat accumulating in the pan. This is rendering fat. You will continue to cook this chopping up the trimmings so to expose more surface area until crisp. You remove the crisp or crackling and either throw it out (I don’t know why though, it’s so good) or save it chopping it into even smaller pieces to throw back into the gravy.

Chicken Crackling
Chicken Crackling
Fond and Chicken Fat
Fond and Chicken Fat
Chicken Crackling
Chicken Crackling

It’s important that you let the rendered fat cool down. If you add the flour mix to it after just rendering it. The fat is too hot. Let it cool down. Then place on medium heat and add the flour and continue making the gravy.


Now we add the Flour or if you have your hands on my Fried Chicken batter use that. We want about 1/3 C of cooled down rendered fat & 1/3 C Flour or Fried Chicken Breading. We add this to the rendered fat after it has cooled down and mix with the heat on medium. As soon as the roux is peanut butter color or slightly darker when using my breading. You add Chicken stock 1 C at a time mixing really well to incorporate everything. Once it is boiling again add another cup and continue to do this until it is slightly runnier than desired. Just a bit though.

We continue to simmer this until desired consistency. If you’re only using flour this is where you want to season – adding salt, pepper and other Herbs & Spices.

You can optionally add some Cream or Milk. Or add half Chicken stock and half Beef stock.

Chicken Gravy

That’s it. Your Chicken Gravy is made. You can also freeze this and serve at a later time. By the way if you have your hands on my Poultry Brine. A few of these Ice cubes into the pot elevates your gravy game for sure.

Once you make this, you will find. There really is no substitute and if you make the stock as well. You are really concentrating the flavors in. A tip on that. To some of you this is gonna sound gross, but I am telling you. You get so much more if you include chicken feet when making your own stock. It is packed with gelatin which is responsible for that mouth feel and loaded with flavor. Give it a try, you might be surprised. It can elevate your Chicken Gravy.

Gluten Free Alternative

Be sure to use Broth Powder that is Gluten Free or make your own broth. Mix Water and Broth Powder with Potato Starch or Rice Flour and add to the Warmed Fat. Mix and Cook until Thickened over medium to medium high heat. You may have to add more Broth to account for the Thickening strength of each thickener. Always adjust the seasoning.

Chicken Gravy

Chicken Gravy using Broth thickened with Roux.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Course: Sauce
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Chicken Gravy
Servings: 3 Cups
Author: JAH


  • 1/3 C Rendered Chicken Fat
  • 1/3 C Flour or JAH Frickin Good Chicken Breading
  • Prepared Chicken Stock – About 3 Cups


  • In a Sauce Pot add Flour to Warmed Rendered Fat and cook until peanut butter color over medium heat.
  • Add 1 C at a time of Stock/Broth mixing vigorously and repeat this until it is slightly thinner than the desired gravy consistency. Continue to simmer until desired consistency is reached about 10 minutes add more Broth if needed.
  • Add Seasonings and Adjust Salt and Pepper if needed. If using JAH Chicken Breading this step may be skipped.


Less Spicy –  use 1/3 C of Breading and replace 1 or 2 Tbl with Plain Flour.
More Spicy – Use an additional 1 – 2 Tbl of Breading and add extra broth to the consistency you like.
I usually always make gravy from the left over breading I use for the Fried Chicken. You can freeze this and serve later.
If using only Flour then season the Gravy with additional Herbs & Spices.