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Pasta Butter Chicken

Butter Curry Pasta with Bucatini or Linguine covered with a Tomato and Cream Sauce and Tandoori Meats. For this dish it is Pork but Chicken, Beef, or Lamb can also be used.


Cubed Chicken Breast or Pork can be used as well as Deboned Chicken Quarters and Chopped to small bite size or cubed Lamb.

The Meat is seasoned with a Tandoori Spice mix before being cooked and added to the Sauce – without the Cream, to simmer. You can also grill or bake the Meat to be added to the Sauce later.

I’m still working on JAH Tandoori Masala but for now my Favorite Brand is Kissan Tandoori Masala/ BBQ Spice. Follow the Instructions for marinating the meats and cook to add to the Curry Sauce.


For a Vegetarian version use Cubed or diced Paneer or Tofu instead of meat. Optionally marinated in Tandoori Seasoning and added towards the end.


The Curry Sauce uses JAH Butter Chicken Seasoning. If you do not have this you can substitute with Garam Masala and Fenugreek leaves. With the Seasoning, the Main Liquid used is Tomato Juice. This too can be substituted with Crushed Tomato and Water or V8 Juice or just fresh Tomatoes.

The meat is low simmered in the Sauce and the Cream is added towards the end, giving it more body and creaminess and that wonderful color for Butter Chicken or in this case Butter Pork. The Cream can be substituted as well.

All of the Substitutions are outlined in the Post JAH Butter Chicken Seasoning.


The Pasta used is Bucatini. This can be substituted with any long Pasta like Linguine or a Thick Spaghetti.

I am curious about Udon Noodles. These are always used in Ramen but their size and texture could go really well with this Butter Curry Pasta. I could also see this with Gnocci or other types of Pasta like Egg Noodles or Cavatappi.

Cooking Butter Curry Pasta

The Meat is marinated in a Tandoori Spice before being cooked. The Sauce & Meat is then simmered without the Cream on low to tenderize the meat before the cream is added, reheated and served on top of the Pasta. Adjust the Seasoning and Heat to your level of Spiciness, by adding Chilies, Cayenne Pepper or other form of heat.

Sear the Meat in a skillet and then add to the Sauce or Broil the Meat in the Oven before adding to the Sauce to simmer. You can also Grill or Roast in the Oven at 425 F. Flipping the meat around once in awhile until good colorization. It will Finish cooking in the sauce.

If while Simmering the Sauce and Meat the Sauce is getting to thick. Add more Liquid in the form of more Tomato Juice or Broth/Water. Just account for the Cream added at the end which will thin the sauce out as well.

Butter Chicken Pasta
Butter Chicken Pasta

Serving Butter Curry Pasta

Plate the Cooked Pasta and Ladle Sauce & Meat over Top. Optionally Garnish.

Serve with Naan or Pita Bread. Plain or with Fenugreek/Methi Butter, Garlic Butter or Methi Leaves added to the Garlic Butter and brushed over Hot Pitas for a Fantastic Meal.

Pasta Butter Chicken

Butter Curry Pasta

Butter Curry Sauce with Tandoori Chicken, Pork or Lamb served over Long Pasta
Servings: 4 portions
Prep10 minutes
Cook 1 hour 15 minutes


  • 1 portion JAH Butter Chicken Sauce - | Without the Cream added
  • 1 lbs Cubed Meat – Chicken, Pork or Lamb
  • 1 lbs Bucatini Pasta
  • Tandoori Masala - | JAH Tandoori Masala or Kissan Brand


  • Chop the Meat into Cubes and Marinate in the Tandoori Seasoning according to Instructions.
  • Prepare the Butter Chicken Sauce but don't add the cream just yet. set aside.
  • Cook the Tandoori meat either Stove Top to Sear or Broil in the Oven until good colorization and add to the Butter Curry/Butter Chicken Sauce. Simmer the Sauce and Meat on low for 1 hour, covered. Mix once in awhile to prevent burning. Add more Liquid if necessary. See notes
  • Boil the Pasta and Strain. Add the Cream to the Butter Curry Sauce and Heat through. Sauce over the Pasta. Optionally Garnish with Sauteed Onions, Red & Green Peppers, Chilies and Serve with Naan or Pita Bread.


If the Sauce is getting to thick you can add more liquid in the form of Tomato Juice, Broth or water. Just remember that it will thin out when you add the cream as well. If this ends up being to thin, you can turn the heat to medium and simmer uncovered mixing often until reduced and thickened.
Course: Main Course
Cuisine: Indian, Middle Eastern
Keywords: Butter Chicken Sauce, Butter Curry, Chicken Curry, Curry, Lamb Curry, Pork Curry
Author: JAH

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