Banana Split

Banana Split
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The Banana Split, What a treat! This is just something that has to be enjoyed every once in while and there are all kinds of Flavors you can make this with too.

While the basic recipes is just a sliced in half Banana topped with Ice Cream & Sauces and maybe some Whipped Cream, some nuts added for crunch. You got so many Ice Cream options, so many Sauces and even different types of nuts or other toppings that can go on.


It all starts with a Banana sliced down the length to create two halves that sit on the side of the dish. It’s just nice taking a scoop of Ice Cream coated in Sauce and a small morsel of Banana.


Ice Cream

The Classic version is made with Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry Ice Cream. With so many falvors of Ice Cream, there are countless versions of this Iconic dish.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt can be used in place of Ice Cream or in combination. There are tons of Frozen Yogurt Flavors out there. Give it a Try.

Banana Split Sauces

Caramel Sauce

Chocolate Syrup

Chocolate Sauce

Strawberry Sauce

A simple trick is to use Strawberry Jam and dilute it with a tiny bit of Water or Cream and use as a topping.

Pineapple Sauce

Made the same way as Strawberry Jam. Add chopped Pineapple, Water and Sugar. Then simmer until the desired consistency is reached.

Maple Syrup

Maple Syrup over the top for a Canadian Classic. Sometimes with Rice Krispies and/or whole or crumbled Maple Cookies. Did anyone else have this growing up? I loved it!

Banana Split Toppings

  • Nuts (Crushed Peanuts or Walnuts)
  • Rice Krispies or other Cereals
  • Cherries
  • Shredded Chocolate
  • Chocolate Bars broken in pieces
  • Marshmallows
  • Cookies
  • Crushed Ice Cream Cones
  • Banana Chips
  • Candy Sprinkles
  • Whipped Cream

Banana Split Ideas

There are a lot of variations when it comes to Banana Splits. With all different kinds and flavors of Ice Cream and Yogurt Ice Cream to different types of Sauces that go on top. Even caramelizing the Bananas before plating. Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like a well decorated tasty Banana Split or Sundae.

Chocolate Fudge Banana Split

This is in the style of a McDonalds Chocolate Fudge Sundae with a Banana. Served in a single serve Au Gratin dish.

Banana Split

Chocolate Fudge Banana Split

  • Banana
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Warm Chocolate Fudge
  • Crushed Peanuts
  • Can Whipping Cream

Chocolate Caramel Banana Split

This is absolutely one of my favorites. I mean both Chocolate & Caramel is just an addictive flavor.

I drizzle over more Chocolate than Caramel or maybe at about 50/50. But you do you, add however much you like.

Chocolate and Caramel Syrup

Chocolate & Caramel Sauces

I pick up Smucker’s and also use both of these for Iced Capp.

Chocolate Caramel Banana Split

Chocolate & Caramel Banana Split

  • Banana
  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Caramel Syrup
  • Crushed Peanuts
  • Can Whipping Cream

The Ice Cream & Soda Burn

One of my Favorite things to do after eating Ice Cream is to guzzle a tall glass of ice cold Soda after eating this. My Kids and I use to make a game out of it. Who can guzzle the whole glass of Soda without stopping after eating Ice Cream. Oh the Burn!

Banana Split Pin

Banana Split

Chocolate Caramel Banana Split topped with crushed Peanuts and Whipping Cream. Choose your Flavors by switching out the types of Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt, Sauces and Toppings for your Banana Split.
Prep Time5 minutes
Course: Dessert, Snack, Sweets
Cuisine: American, Canadian
Keyword: Banana Split, Banana Split Recipe, Chocolate Caramel Banana Split, Sundae
Servings: 1 serving
Author: JAH


  • 1 Ice Cream Scoop
  • 1 Single Serve Au Gratin Dish


  • 1 Banana - sliced in half lengthwise
  • 2-3 scoops Ice Cream - mix them up with vanilla and Chocolate
  • As Desired Chocolate Syrup
  • As Desired Caramel Syrup
  • As Desired Crushed Peanuts
  • As Desired Whipping Cream - Compressed Can


  • Slice the Banana in half lengthwise and place into Single Serve Au Gratin Dish.
  • Place 2-3 Ice Cream Scoops on top and cover with Chocolate & Caramel Syrup.
  • Sprinkle Crushed Peanuts on top and decorate with Whipped Cream.


Crush or break apart your favorite Chocolate Bar and top the Banana Split!
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