Aioli or Toum

Aioli or Toum
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Aioli or Toum? What’s the difference. The names are often interchangeable. It’s a Garlic infused Oil that is emulsified into a Sauce. Almost like Mayonnaise but not quite.

This makes a big batch but you’ll use this up in no time. Be sure to refrigerate to allow the flavors to blend. It will last in the fridge for about 2 weeks maybe longer.


Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made of garlic and olive oil; some regions use other emulsifiers such as eggs. The names mean “garlic and oil” in Catalan and Provençal. Some versions of the sauce are closer to a garlic mayonnaise, incorporating egg yolks and lemon juice, whereas other versions are without egg yolk and have more garlic. This gives the sauce a pastier texture while making it more laborious to make as the emulsion is harder to stabilize. There are many variations, such as adding lemon juice or other seasonings. In France, it may include mustard. It is served at room temperature.


Toum or toumya is a garlic sauce common to the Levant. Similar to the Provençal aioli, it contains garlic, salt, olive oil or vegetable oil, and lemon juice, traditionally crushed together using a wooden mortar and pestle. There is also a variation popular in many places, such as the town of Zgharta, in Lebanon, where mint is added; it is called zeit wa toum (‘oil and garlic’). Toum is used as a dip, especially with French fries and chicken, and in Levantine sandwiches, especially those containing chicken.

Aioli in Garlic Butter

Whatever name you want to call it, Aioli or Toum. It’s a very good sauce to have in your repertoire and is the secret to Fantastic Garlic Butter. Once you make Garlic Butter or Garlic Fingers out of this. You’ll be making this all the time. There just won’t be any other way.

This recipe is the ratio I prefer not only for Aioli itself but to be combined with Butter and Herbs & Spices to create an out of this world Garlic Butter.

Aioli or Toum doesn’t Emulsify

If the Aioli doesn’t emulsify this means that the Oil was added too fast. This does not mean the sauce is no good. You want the Emulsification if using for a dipping sauce.

The non-emulsified Aioli is still perfectly good for an array of other things like Garlic Butter, Carbonara, or other pasta dishes, or in any other place where you plan to cook with the Aioli which would break down anyways during the cooking process. So if you do mess it up don’t worry. There are plenty of places where it can still be used. After all, it’s that Garlic Punch we’re really after.

Fixing non emulsified Aioli or Toum

You can start a second Batch and then once emulsified add the non-emulsified Aioli in place of Oil to incorporate it into the Aioli. You can chill the liquid Aioli to assist in emulsification.

Aioli or Toum Uses

Below are some of the places where Aioli can be used to offer up that unique Garlic Punch.

Garlic Butter

Garlic Butter

Added to Butter to make Garlic Butter.

Greek Yogurt Marinated Chicken

Marinating meats

Used in recipes where both Garlic & Oil is used like Greek Chicken or Lebanese Lemon Chicken.

Rectangular Garlic Fingers with Bacon

Garlic Fingers

Aioli really is the secret ingredients for Fantastic Garlic Fingers that just have that right Garlic Taste.

Stick Blender Aioli

The stick blender method just the same as Homemade Mayo can be used here for Aioli in 5 minutes. It is quick, easy, and ready to be used in recipes with the remaining that can be portioned into ice cubes and frozen to add to recipes you will cook with at a later time.

This recipe is cut down a bit for a smaller portion and to fit in a Glass Jar just wide enough to fit the immersion blender in. The recipe is scaled back about one third.

To peel the Garlic Faster, Place one head of Garlic Cloves into the Jar with a lid and shake aggressively to peel the Garlic cloves. Empty out onto a counter and clean the jar out. Place the Garlic Cloves back into the Jar.

Jar Aioli

Jar Aioli

  1. Place one head of Peeled Garlic Cloves into the Jar
  2. Add and puree
    1. 1/4 tsp of Sea Salt
    2. 1 tsp of Lemon Juice
  3. Then add the 1 Cup of Sunflower Oil and puree

This method I typically use for Aioli that I am cooking or marinating with since it does not produce an emulsified Aioli like it does in the food processor. The emulsification of it doesn’t matter since it is being used in marinades and cooking. I am still messing around with this technique, but I absolutely love it for how easy and how fast it can be made. The water is left out since this is used to assist in emulsification, which isn’t really a concern with Jar Aioli.

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Garlic Infused Oil Emulsified as a Sauce. This Sauce is for Garlic Lovers and can be used with many dishes or as an ingredient in other sauces.
Prep Time20 mins
Course: Condiment, DIP, Sauce
Cuisine: Lebanese, Mediterranean
Keyword: Aioli, Garlic Sauce, Lebanese Garlic Spread, Toum
Servings: 1 portions
Author: JAH


  • Food Processor


  • 1 C Garlic Cloves – Degermed
  • 1 tsp Kosher Salt
  • 1 Tbl Lemon Juice
  • 3 Tbl Cold Water
  • 3 C Vegetable Oil or Other like Sunflower, Canola


  • Measure out 1 Cup of Garlic Cloves and Place into a Jar with a lid. Shake the Jar back and forth with some force to remove the Garlic Skin all at once.
  • Chop the Garlic in Half Lengthwise and remove the germ if desired. Place into a Food Processor. Along with Kosher Salt, Water and Lemon Juice. Run the processor until a Paste is formed. You will have to scrape down the side quite few times.
  • Once a Paste is formed. Through the Food Slot, Slowly Add 1/2 a tsp of Oil and let mix for 1 minute. Then Slowly Add in Oil 1 Tbl at a time with a pause in between to give time for emulsification. After 1 Cup Of Oil has been added you can add the Tbl of Oil at a time a lot faster one right after the other with a moderate pour.
  • Scoop out and refrigerate covered for up to 2 weeks or Freeze if using as an ingredient and the consistency doesn't matter.


Removing the Germ is the Tiny Roots – Green Sprouts in the middle. This causes bitterness.
Chill the Oil for easier emulsification.
Start with 1/2 a tsp of oil slowly poured in and give it time to start emulsifying. Then start with 1 Tbl of oil at a time, very slowly. The rate at which the oil can be poured in increases as you add more.
Portion into ice cubes for cooking, Use as a Dip or as an ingredient in other sauces. This is also the Lebanese Garlic Spread for Garlic Fingers or Garlic Bread with added Herbs & Spices. It can be used anywhere, where Garlic and Oil are used.
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